2013 Year in Review

No better time than the end of the year to look back and recap some of our favorite restaurants / dishes & experiences of 2013. It was a busy year indeed. There was a great deal of traveling, we got married (finally after 5 years:) Seattle became Jose’s 2nd home, thanks to work. In addition to all of the goings on we met a ton of incredible people many of whom we shared some of our most special moments with.

These end of year roundups are never easy and It’s incredibly hard to rank meals or dishes for enjoying a meal depend on a multitude of factors, ingredients, technique but most of them are objective like the company, the space and of course the service..

Here we bring you 1.our favorite top 18 most memorable restaurants and dishes. (in alphabetical order)  2. Our favorite go to restaurants that we frequent without fail.  3. A look at some of our favorite overall experiences from the trip, to the room, to the food.





2013-0341 degrees website    41 degrees Post


2013-23Atera Website    Atera post    .

2013-05Aubergine Website          

2013-17Azurmendi Website       .


Den Website     Den Post    .

2013-07Diverxo website     Diverxo post


2013-08Faviken Website    Faviken post

2013-16Hedone Website          

2013-12.D.C Restaurant in the works  Website


2013-13Mikawa Zezankyo’s Website


2013-18Saison Website    Saison Post  .2013-14Saturne Website           2013-15

2013-10Willows Inn Website          


2013-20Contra Website          . 2013-19Roberta’s Website          .


Luksus Website          .


Aska Website    Aska Post    .2013-22Estela Website           .






2013-292014 WISH LIST

These are some of the places that we would love to visit and things we want to do more of in the New year.

  • David Toutain’s new place in Paris.
  • Go back to Copenhagen to check out Relae, Kadeau and Noma then drive to Daniel Berlin.
  • Visit Galicia/Asturias (Gueyu Mar, O Grove, Loxe Mareiro, Culler de Pau Casa Marcial, Casa Gerardo) and get lost in Girona, eat at Es Casals and Can Jubani
  • John and Karen Shields new restaurant, when it opens…
  • Take Elise to Belgium to visit Veranda, Chambre des Amis, IDW and get lost around Gent & Antwerp.
  • More late nights at Estela, Roberta’s and Contra
  • Finally make it to Brooklyn Fare
  • Go back to Willows Inn in the spring
  • Go to the big Aubergine collaborative dinner in March (doing this)
  • Rafa Costa Da Silva’s Restaurant in Brazil, when it opens…
  • Spend more time in Maine this summer
  • Get out of NYC and go to Community table
  • More bread making
  • And last but not least… Write more freak’n posts! (no excuses this year)


PS Special shout out to Tomo and Skinnybib! We wouldn’t have gotten to know Tokyo as well as we did without you. Thanks so much! xx <3


  1. Great!

    Will you review Azurmendi in your blog? It’s a restaurant I really want to test, and not expensive for a 3 Michelin stars place.

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