City Guide: Madrid

Updated on January 2014

  • New additions: Montia, Hotel Orfila, Nakeima, La Buena Vida, Triciclo, La Casa del Carmen, La Candela
  • Removed from the list: Club Allard (closed), La Tasquita de Enfrente (not enough consistent to be recommended), Nikkei 225 (closed)

2013 has been a great year for Madrid food scene. DiverXO received their well deserved 3rd Michelin star, no doubt that David Munoz is probably the most exciting chef in Spain right now. This event has been also the catalyst for other type of cuisine in Madrid. A cuisine that is influenced by foreign ingredients, philosophy  and techniques breaking with the kind of boring classic cuisine that Madrid used to have. Places like Sudestada, StreetXO, DiverXO, Chifa, Triciclo, La Candela, Orfila, not only are using ingredients from Asia, Africa or South America but are making their own interpretation of those flavor profiles with the products that are within their rich, creating their own personal style. Coals, Spices, Smoke, Ceviches, Moles, Fermentation …  Very excited to see how this will develop. Not forgetting also that more classic place like Coque, Viridian or Santceloni are stronger than ever.


madrid restaurants

Monkfish – flaw glazed monkfish in Wok with violate potato and White asparagus

Diverxo – David Muñoz
Calle del Pensamiento, 28
28020 Madrid
915 70 07 66

rodrigoMelón pepino, pepino melón. Vegetable forward restaurant, #Revolucionverde, with one of the most innovative vegetable desserts I have seen in Spain

Rodrigo de la Calle

Hotel Villamagna
Paseo de la Castellana, 22, 28046 Madrid, Spain
Phone:+34 915 87 12 34

madrid restaurants4

madrid restaurants5Huevos de corral en sartén sobre Mousse de Hongos (“Boletus edulis”) y Trufas negras(“Tuber melanosporum”) – Eggs with boletus and truffles

Viridiana – Abraham Garcia
Calle de Juan de Mena, 14
28014 Madrid, Spain
915 23 44 78

SantCeloni – Óscar Velasco 
Paseo de la Castellana, 57
28046 Madrid, Spain
+34 912 10 88 40 –

Sacha ( under 50 euros ) where chefs go to eat
Calle de Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11
28036 Madrid, Spain
+34 913 45 59 52

Coque (best “cochinillo” one of those artisans like no other. No need to go to Segovia anymore )
Calle de Francisco Encinas, 8
28970 Humanes deMadrid,
Madrid, Spain
+34 916 04 02 02

Albora (under 50 and one of the best Jamon)

La Buena Vida (under 60. One of the finest products in Madrid)

Hotel Orfila – Ruben Arnaz ( Spanish with a Japanese touch )
Calle Orfila, 6, 28010 Madrid, Spain
+34 917 02 77 70


Others Spanish restaurants worth mentioning:

La Terraza del Casino ( molecular ),
La Biblioteca del AC Santo Mauro,
Ramon Freixa
Sergi Arola Gastro
El Bohio – Pepe Rodriguez Rey


Great product driven restaurantsn on a more economical level ( less than 50 euros ):
La Manduca de Azaga
La Tasquita de Enfrente
El Mollete ( good for Cocido )
El Paraguas


madrid header2
As mentioned before, Madrid has great mix of cultures and flavors, specially with South America and Asia. In addition to Chifa and StreetXO ( both under 40 euros ) above that figure following places are a must visit if you come to Madrid:

Sudestada ( Vietnam, Singapur, Thailand + South America)
Calle Ponzano 85
Madrid, Madrid

madrid restaurants6Kabuki ( Spanish – Japanese )
Avenida del Presidente Carmona 2
Madrid, Madrid

madrid restaurants9Punto MX ( Mexican )

General Pardiñas, 40 b (esq. C/Ayala)
28001 Madrid

Tampu (Classic Peruvian under 40 euros, feels like eating in Peru)
Calle Suero de Quiñones 3
Madrid, Madrid

Others Restaurants worth mentioning:

Miyama ( Japanese )
Paseo de la Castellana 45
Madrid, Madrid

Tse Yang, ( Chinese )
Paseo de la Castellana, 22,
28046 Madrid, Spain

Nakeima ( Asian Street Food under 40 euros )
Calle de Meléndez Valdés, 54
28015 Madrid




Croquetas: Melos, Casa Labra, La Bomba Rice Bar
Patatas Bravas: Docamar
Bacalao ( Fried Cod ): Revuelta – Calle de Latoneros 3 (plaza de la Puerta Cerrada)

Tapas bars: Laredo, Arzábal, El Fogón de Trifón, Catapa, Evboca, Puerta 57 (in the Bernabeu), Pulpería Villalúa, San Mamés (famous for callos, even Anthony Bourdain went in the No Reservations  chapter in Madrid), Casa Santoña (anchovies), Jurucha, Sylkar, Hevia, la barra de Cañadío (rabas).

Specialty bar/restaurants: el Poncelet Cheese Bar, a cheese bar with great interior design that could be in New York and El cisne azul & El brote specialized in mushrooms

Del Diego
Le Cabrera
1865 Dry Bar


coffee shopCOFFEE

Toma Café
Calle La Palma 49
Madrid, Madrid
+34 917 02 56 20

La Bicicleta Cycling Café
Plaza de San Ildefonso, 9
Madrid, Madrid




Please feel free to add any other spot that you think is worth mentioning.
PD: thanks for the always very wise recommendations from ( gracias! ): from @campoamor from @jesusfdezprieto

Note from 2012..

Note from 2012…. Living outside Madrid, the City where I grew up, let you appreciate it with different eyes. Things that I used to take for granted take a different dimension, like a good Rioja or Ribera del Duero, free tapas when you order a cania, croquetas, late night bites, vermouth on tap, great charcuterie and queso or fresh seafood …

These are also the topics mentioned by some of our foreign friends (guiris). Some of them love to go to eat Percebes, Espadrinas and Necoras at Combarro or San Xenxo other like @hermanoprimero love to go to Ponzano area to have some classic tapas and wines.
What’s not to love about a good Pata Negra Jamon, Galician Meat or aged Manchego all things difficult to find outside Spain. These great products are good but also a bad for the Madrid food scene. Most of the Madrid restaurants I visited in the last months ( 2012) are traditional spanish product oriented. It is hard to find, outside the famous Madrid Michelin Starred restaurants, innovation and out of the box thinking. More innovative chefs tend to focus on gastronomic Michelin restaurants like Club Allard, DiverXo or Sergi Arola Gastro – while great, there is little to no room for more undreground Neo-Bistros like Septime, Roseval, Saturne, Chateubriand or Dauphin in Paris, where you can get the most progressive yet informal tasting menus for less than 50 euros. These types of places are at the heart of Adria’s food Manifesto:
All products have the same gastronomic worth/value, regardless of price.
The current economy environment in Spain opens a door for innovation, to stop looking back at what we have achieved in the past and instead write the next chapter of Spanish food: Cut cost in expensive ingredients and develop gastronomic value with other great ingredients available in Spain – (vegetables actually taste like vegetables in Spain, not like in US or UK) – or focus more on cooking techniques that Adria showcased to the World.
Probably this haute product centric approach in Madrid is one of the reasons that some traditional restaurants in Madrid have been losing their Michelin stars like Viridiana (where I tried one of the most interesting gazpachos ever: a raspberry gazpacho with anchovies ) or Jockey, a high end haute cuisine restaurant that closed this year in Madrid.

Viridiana - Madrid, Spain-5501
If there is one chef in Madrid that is starting to make steps towards this progressive food movement and vering away from predictable Michelin standards and high prices, it is David Munoz. His new opening of StreetXo, where he leaves DiverXo kitchen ( along with Rafa Ferreyra and Jonathan Setjo ) to play with a fusion of Asian Street food with Spanish influence. All served on bar without even stools. In a similar line, the Argentinian team behind Sudestada opened this year Chifa, a Peruvian – Chinese fusion with a menu with dishes 20 euros, open kitchen with a counter table and tablecloth-less sitting. Don’t expect here a Septime level meal, but a great value and not spanish friendly flavors, special mention goes to the Cebiche Algueado Completo de corvina, vieiras y pulpo.
Chifa - Madrid, Spain-9043
Chifa - Madrid, Spain-9020

Don’t get me wrong in Madrid there are great places, worth a trip from any country, but if your want to have a more out of the box experience, it comes with a cost associated, along with the Michelin predictable ritual.




  1. Thanks for your tips and beautiful list! We’ll be in Madrid in july. If you’d have three dinners to spend in Madrid to get a idea of all different things going on in restaurants over there; where would you spend them?

  2. Mejor imposible habéis resumido lo mejor de Madrid, sólo te falta el nuevo DStage de Diego Guerrero! Y para actualizar Rodrigo ya no está en el hotel Villamagna..
    PD: en septiembre visito NY por primera vez y vuestra web me esta ayudando mucho a encontrar buenas direcciones, soy cocinero y trabajo en Francia y me apasiona comer sobretodo diferente

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