Yuji ramen is a pop up restaurant in the Kinfolk Studio space only open Thursday- Saturday 7pm-12( The same location as Frej the Nordic pop up we love so much. (Frej is mon- wed))

We have not had the chance to try out the fare at Kinfolk Studios but we did get a
preview at the ramen dinner held at Chuko in prospect heights. This 4 course $45  tasting event offered a collaborative menu between yuji and choshi. Quite a successful collaboration I might add!

My knowledge of ramen is not that vast. Like many teens, I made the instant ramen as a pathetic source of nutrients when staying up late studying in boarding school. (Little did I know a banana would have been a much better choice)  Lately I’ve been one of those people avoiding unnecessary carbs, so ramen never had the chance to enter in, until this recent crash course.

The portions at the Ramen dinner were large! Looking at the heaping bowls of ramen one might of thought i was preparing for a marathon the next day…if only I had such an excuse to eat this much Ramen every day! Looking beyond the portion size, the food was fantastic and I instantly became a ramen fan! Onto the meal…


Spanish Mackerel Sashimi

The courses started out nice and light with a sashimi style Mackerel. The dish was delicious and full of subtle flavor. Yuji Ramen at Chuko - Brooklyn, New York-1892

Soft Shell Crab bun

Things quickly got heavy… Onto the crab bun!! Jose loves himself those buns! So naturally he was beyond excited when he saw the glistening glow of the crispy crab doing a balancing act on the white fluffy dough. This dish was wonderful and the crab was fresh and crispy!

Yuji Ramen at Chuko - Brooklyn, New York-1899

Yuji Ramen at Chuko - Brooklyn, New York-1907

Mazemen Ramen / Uni / Miso

Out next was the mazamen ramen, Yuji’s contribution to the meal. All I can say is it was out of this world!! Incredible!! After this experience you can bet that we will find time to check out his pop Up!!

Yuji Ramen at Chuko - Brooklyn, New York-1911

Canned Sake

Let me tell you, this canned Sake was pretty good! Seeing this can made me want to jump on the next flight to Tokyo to explore the land of cute small things! (FYI, these little cans of sweet nectar will make an appearance at our next party, that is if I can find them…)

Yuji Ramen at Chuko - Brooklyn, New York-1915

Tsukemen / Pork Belly / Rayu

So tasty! I really enjoyed the deconstructed nature of this dish. It was nice to be able to control the amount of sauce on the Ramen. I wish I was hungry when this dish was put in front of me I think I would have enjoyed it quite a bit more.

Yuji Ramen at Chuko - Brooklyn, New York-1919

The only negative aspect of the Ramen Dinner was the sudden intense level of sleepiness when rounding the 4th dish. I felt like i was crawling to that home base! I was so out of it that I had to rudely ask for the check before we were even finished. Eating at Spanish time never really works out so well for me. Sorry Jose, some things never change. =)

What a wonderful Experience!  Looking forward to giving you all the update on Yuji Ramen once we check it out!


Kinfolk Studios,
90 Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Thurs-Sun 7p.m.-late



552 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Price: Great value $45 (4 courses)
Food: High level technique, Quality ingredients, Tasting Menu
Design: Minimal, Natural, Architectural
Vibe: Youthful, Fun, Casual, combination of tables and bar seating
Menu Inventiveness: 7/10
Healthy Options: NA
Occasion: Casual, good for impressing the friend that is a Ramen enthusiast
Noise Level: Lively – med-med high


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