We are going to NOMA!!

At 4am we managed to score reservations to the best restaurant in the world! Woohooo!! We will be documenting and posting our travel itinerary and all of our findings about what to do in Copenhagen as we go. We love doing our research!

Three months away but still so exciting!!!!


    • Thanks Ben, Yeah I’m super excited too! We will be going there the end of Jan. so expect pics then. My plan is to cook more an cut down on the expensive dining the next few months that way I can afford the crazy price of traveling over there! I hear a simple run of the mill beer is like 25 bucks or something. I’ll have to do some research and see if thats an exaggeration.

    • Yeah, we are very excited about this!!! And there are so many great thinks to see in Copenhagen, so any recommendation is welcome.
      I have taken lately some pictures of donuts and I’m going to make a post focus on donuts in NY!! So you guys are not going to only have a link to your website, but also an exclusive post about it! How cool is that?

  1. Congratulations. I live in Copenhagen and work closely with Noma as one of their suppliers og fruit, veg, mushrooms and herbs. Everyone in Copenhagen are extremely proud of Noma and you are right in being very excited. Make sure to secure reservations at some of our other gourmet restaurants aswell. The restaurant scene of Copenhagen and Denmark in general is booming at the moment and has never before been at the level that it is today.
    – Jakob

  2. I like your schedule very much. Expect to be very full friday night if you are doing both Hermann and Geranium on the same day. They are not unsimilar in their style and flavour profiles, so if it is at all possible for you, I would spread them out to different days. Make sure to check out the new food market “Torvehallerne” near Nรธrreport train station. It just opened and it has been much needed for a long time. On weekends you find farmers from different parts of Denmark, foragers and several other interesting things. As Denmark has a lot of coast line, we have very good fish as well and there are some very good fish restaurants in town. If you feel like a seafood-heavy dining experience, I would recommend Krogh’s Fiskerestaurant or Fiskebaren in the meatpacking district. Otherwise, you schedule looks very nice and I hope you will be impressed. I know that your expectations probably aren’t low ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wow thanks a lot for the info Jakob. Our expectations are high but I’m sure they will be exceed. Finally we are not going to Hermann for lunch on Friday, it is closed the lunch service in January ๐Ÿ™
      One question, where do you suggest we can go on a Sunday? Most of the restaurants are closed, including Fiskebar.

  3. Looking forward to your photos from Noma! Thanks for the rise home from Roosevelt


    • Hi Michael, yeah we are really excited about NOMA too and the other great restaurants in that city. We have a visit planned almost by the hour! Hope pictures meet the expectations we all have on those places.
      Nice to meet you and Roz and looking forward future dinners

  4. Congratulations!! I have applied for work experience and got agreed! I am going to work in Noma beggining of February ๐Ÿ™‚

    Please visit my website

    All the best and enjoy your time in this wonderful place!

    • Congratulations Damian!! It will be awesome, we had a kitchen tour at NOMA and appreciated the really nice atmosphere of the restaurant. It really lived up for our expectations, we have never experienced anything like that before.

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