David Santos does it again! Another flavor packed night! This time the dinner theme was based around one of my all time favorite ingredients, uni! I believe this is our 4th time to Dave’s abode and each time it gets better and better. ( The truffle dinner holds a special place in my heart, most likely due to the crazy crew that graced the table)

Every dish of the Uni dinner was delicious but Jose and I agreed on our favorite, the Chowanmushi with uni! Amazing is all I can say! So here is the breakdown of the evening…

Uni, Truffle, and Grapefruit, Chicharon

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1664

Marinated Branzino, Uni Emulsion, Artichokes, Fried Shallots

This dish was killer! This ceviche-like creation was light and full of delightful textures and flavors.

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1668

Uni Chowanmushi, Crab, Tomato Marmalade, Arugula Pistou

As I mentioned before, the Chowanmushi was so incredible that I had to ask David for the recipe. Here it is… He says it’s simple but I still haven’t had a chance to give it a whirl.

“The base is 3 eggs to 2 cups of stock.

For this i used a stock made of milk, shrimp shells, branzino parts,
salt, garlic onion. Just steeped it all together and then let it sit
to cool a little bit with the flavoring ingredients. Strain it out and
measure you liquid. Beat the eggs well with a hand mixer and temper in
your stock. Then you just treat it like a creme brulle. Cook it at 350
in a water bath covered with for until its set. This size thing took
about 30 min but it will vary depending on the size of your mold.

That easy”

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1676

Uni and Shrimp Risotto, Favas, Carrot Foam

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1687

Surf & Turf. Iowa Farms Pork Loin, Soba, Shiso, Uni Butter

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1714

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1740So full!

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1748

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1752

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1758

This dinner was a blast! It was a perfect combination of food and people. Amazing wines were being shared as wonderful stories were being told. It was exactly what I think of when I envision a great dinner party.

The wines at this table were a bit outa control (in a good kinda way) Two of the gentlemen at the table are wine collectors and brought some wonderful bottles to pair with Dave’s dishes. What an education. I certainly hope we run into them again.

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1763

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1768

The Host with the Mostest

2AM: Dave says ushers the last of his guests out. It amazes me his energy level after such a long night.

Um Segredo, Uni Dinner - New York-1770Dinners at Um Segredo never disappoint. Be adventuresome and check it out if you haven’t already.

Location is secret

Price: Med/High $75
Food: High level technique, Quality ingredients, Tasting Menu
Design: Homey, Torch Lighting
Vibe: Chill, Casual, Community style seating, social, Pandora (if you are a music snob take control of the airwaves and put on the good stuff…Dave doesnt mind)
Menu Inventiveness: 8/10
Healthy Options: On the heavier side
Occasion: Casual, Creative and efficient way to feel out a first date, it is also possible to book out the night with all your friends, private party style.
Noise Level: Depending on the crowd. Uni night: very loud

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