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Torrisi Italian Specialties - New York-5328Torrisi has been on our list for some time now. We haven’t made it there until now for many reasons, mostly due to the anti reservation policy and the crazy buzz, making it impossible to get in. Finally this has changed. You can now make a reservation for the tasting menu both for dinner and brunch.The second we heard this we snatched up a saturday afternoon brunch time of 130.

We arrived about 15 min late due to our previous photo shoot, but thankfully the folks at Torrisi didn’t knock us for our tardiness. Once we arrived we were quickly seated. The restaurant is super cute. I almost felt like I was transported home to the quirky and hip  interiors of Williamsburg. The only major flaw of the place that I could find was the frigid air that came in through the front door. People hold the door open and in seconds everyone is dining al fresco. That is seriously one of my only criticisms of the place. Well that and a lack of a wine pairing option. (Our waiter was great and did an ad hoc pairing, which actually worked out all right.)

So onto the food…the portions were the perfect size, the variety was diverse and flavorful. I especially loved not having to make any decisions about what to order.


Antipasti Mozzarella, DaVero, Milk Thistle Cream

Torrisi Italian Specialties - New York-5249The Mozzarella and the bread were fantastic. The mozzarella, homemade of course, was decadent, creamy and had that melt in your mouth effect. One of these days Jose and I will have to take a stab at making our own. I hear it’s not so difficult.

Antipasti Tuna

Torrisi Italian Specialties - New York-5256Colorful and fresh

Antipasti Cauliflower Slaw

Torrisi Italian Specialties - New York-5258I really enjoyed this dish. It was a vegetable, which is always good and healthy, but I’m sure there was something in there that possibly counteracted the health factor. Cauliflower tastes good but not that good.

Antipasti Pork & Beans

Torrisi Italian Specialties - New York-5263The combination of flavors in this dish was fantabulous. Lucky for me Jose is not a bean eating kind of guy. (I believe it goes back to some childhood experience of being forced to eat them or something) anyways this dish brought me back to my childhood, in a good way, It reminded me the of occasional quick dinner of beans and hotdogs all mixed with my own concoction of condiments.

Pasta Goat Ricotta Gnocchi, Kale, Pinenuts

Torrisi Italian Specialties - New York-5271WOW! I think this was one of my favorite dishes. These Gnocchi were killer especially when combined with the crunch of the pine nuts and kale.

Duck, Kales, Brussel Sprouts

Torrisi Italian Specialties - New York-5278When they placed this dish in front of Jose I could have sworn that it was pork belly. It was fatty and the skin had a nice layer of sear and crunch on it. What a great way to do a duck. Jose really enjoyed this dish!


Grilled John Dory

Torrisi Italian Specialties - New York-5276My fish was light and tasty, although after tasting Jose’s I could have swapped at any time.

Assorted Cookies

Torrisi Italian Specialties - New York-5296All the hype is accurate. Torrisi is a youthful hip place serving inspiring food. We can’t wait to take advantage of the new reservation system and bring a few friends there for dinner after the new year.

Torrisi Italian Specialties
250 Mulberry St
(between Spring St & Prince St) 
New York, NY 10012
Neighborhood: Nolita

$60 lunch tasting menu


  1. So, I was talking to Roz and she mentioned your name. Ironic as I’d just been flickring through your photos from Spinasse in Seattle as part of my trip planning. Not a lot of good shots out there from most of Seattle’s top tables so they’ve been very helpful.

    Secondly, great site – didn’t know you had a blog until just now. Finally, as it has been policy for a while that pictures were not allowed at Torrisi, how did you manage?

    • Thanks uhocket
      Regarding the pictures… I believe now the new Torrisi 2.0 ( that’s how they call it after the same owners opened Parm next door ) you can take all the pictures that you want.
      I remember in Torrisis 1.0 pictures were allowed at the very beginning and later they were banish, so you should go before they change your mind again.
      The food is outstanding, with Roberta’s one of my favorites in NY because you find the unexpected.

      Regarding Seattle, in addition to Spinasse, do not forget to try Walrus and the Carpenter

      I should make a post about Seattle actually…

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