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As we might have mentioned before we love Japanese food! We have tried all the most talked about places in the city and in Brooklyn and Soto is without a doubt on the top of the list. We have been to Soto a few times, and each time we walked away with a smile on our face. The food is consistently good! It is a place where both small plates and sushi are equals, all made with the freshest ingredients by smiling/talkative chefs behind the sushi bar (I’m sure a solo diner would have a fabulous and entertaining dinner sitting at the bar)

Soto is a special place. It is fairly expensive and far more decadent than your average Japanese restaurant. It is because of its high price that is has been getting some negative press. I have read some reviews where people are saying that it’s not worth it, that the food to cost ratio. Thats ridiculous! It is fantastic….Especially if you are an Uni- a-holic, like we are. As you can see below at least half of our dishes were uni based and all of them were out of this world.

This restaurant is so good in fact, that I will forgo reviewing each dish, Lets just say they were all too delicious for words. Perhaps Jose will have more to add tonight.


Fluke Ponzu

Thinly sliced fluke with chive, ginger shoots, shiso leaf, under mizore ponzu sauce

Soto - West Village, New York-0890.jpg

Seared scottish salmon

seared scottish salmon with black truffle salt, cresson with sweet, miso mustard sauce served with cresoon and sesame

Soto - West Village, New York-0893.jpg

Soto - West Village, New York-0896.jpg

Uni Cocktail

Finest japanese sea urchin or sashimi with soy reduction and fresh wasabi

Soto - West Village, New York-0900.jpg

Ika Konowata

Uni with thinly sliced yari-ika sashimi with fermented sea cucumber intestine, quail egg, nori seaweed

Soto - West Village, New York-0903.jpg

Lobster, Uni and Caviar

Soto - West Village, New York-0906.jpg

Tar Tare Tuna Roll

Spicy tuna with asian pear, cucumber, avocado, sesame, pine nuts, scallion wrapped in white kelp

Soto - West Village, New York-0909.jpg

Soto - West Village, New York-0913.jpg
Soto - West Village, New York-0924.jpg


357 Sixth Ave., New York, NY
nr. Washington Pl.  See Map | Subway Directions

2 Micheline Stars
Best Sushi bar in New York and best Uni in North America

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