Pizza Post: Luzzo’s, Motorino, Best Pizza,Forcella,Roberta’s, Bob and Timmys, Serious Slice…

Serious Pie - Seattle-1250

Jose is Obsessed with Pizza and Burgers! (Probably not the healthiest obsession) So as a result we travel all over the place looking for the tastiest slice. He reads the blogs, gets reccomendations from friends and adds each to a long list of pizzarias that he needs to try before he dies. ( a pizza bucket list if you will) Here are some of our favorites so far. We still have more to try so expect this post to grow in time.

 1. Luzzo’s Pizza

211-213 First Ave., New York, NY 10003 40.730461 -73.983252
nr. 13th St.  See Map | Subway Directions

Real italian traditional pizza, and they deliver. Try the pies with the truffles and prosciutto

Luzzo's Pizza (9-2011) - East Village, New York-5715
Luzzo's Pizza - East Village, New York-0450.jpg
Luzzo's Pizza - East Village, New York-0477.jpg

2. Motorino

349 E. 12th St., New York, NY 10003 40.73055 -73.984733
nr. First Ave.  See Map | Subway Directions
212 777-2644

Hands down Mathieu Palombino has the best pies in Manhattan. And we are not the only ones that believe this, Adam Kuban the founder of both Slice, America’s Favorite Pizza Weblog, has this place on the top of his list in Manhattan.

We love this pizza! We also love the octopus, and beet salad. If you are really hungry and low on cash, add an order of bread. You will have lots of leftovers.

Motorino - East Village, New York-5860
Motorino Pizza - New York-7557.jpg

Motorino Pizza - New York-7528.jpg
Motorino Pizza - New York-7529.jpg


485 Lorimer St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 40.711537 -73.949064
nr. Powers St.  See Map | Subway Directions



The home of the fried dough pizza. Forcella - Williamsburg
Forcella - Williamsburg

4.Best Pizza

33 Havemeyer Street (North Seventh Street),
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
718 599-2210
Best Pizza is pretty damn tasty! They take the NY pizza style to the next level.

The crust is crunchy and unique, due to the dusting of sesame seed. It is a delicious addition the Williamsburg’s pizza scene! Oh and they deliver too!Best Pizza - Williamsburg, New York-9597.jpg
Best Pizza - Williamsburg, New York-9600.jpg
Best Pizza - Williamsburg, New York-9585.jpg
Best Pizza - Williamsburg, New York-9577.jpg

 5. Roberta’s

261 Moore St., Brooklyn, NY 11206
nr. Bogart St.  See Map | Subway Directions

I’m not sure how I could have made the pizza post yesterday without including Roberta’s! This is one of my favorite spots in BK. After seeing this place I believe Jose deep down inside wanted to become a Brooklynite as well. haha. Anyway, this place is fantastic and will surely be a place you will remember for some time. It is true that you may have to wait a very long time for a table, especially if you are venturing there on a friday or sat. But do what we did, go on a Wednesday around 10pm. (you shouldn’t have a problem) What makes this spot so memorable is the fun and festive interior. The various rooms are adorned with large signs, christmas lights and other bizarre odds and ends.  This character packed spot is an extraordinaire place for people watching. You will be sure to find some very fashion forward looks, an assortment of uniquely shaped  bigotes (moustaches) and last but not least some very well designed tattoos.

The food at Roberta’s is just as memorable as the people who fill its eclectic and quirky walls. The menu, playfully curated by Chris Parachini and Brandon Hoy, brings together a delicious collection of italian inspired dishes and deliciously crispy Neapolitan pizzas.

We decided to try an assortment of various plates. The pork belly, as you can imagine, was rich, fatty and perfectly cooked. Jose was very impressed by the pizza crust. it was thin crispy and provided the perfect undercarriage to the Brussels sprouts, prosciutto and homemade mozzarella! This pie was so tasty! I only wish they delivered.

The very cool couple next to us splurged on the special of the day, an impressive spread of the sirloin, marow amongst other mouth-watering goodness. This special was so large it was hard not to stare. We must have stared a lot cause they asked us if we wanted to take a picture of it…which of course we did. We will try that next time.

Roberta's - Brooklyn New York-5334.jpg

Roberta's - Brooklyn New York-5340.jpg
Roberta's - Brooklyn New York-5323.jpg
Roberta's - Brooklyn New York-5348.jpg

Roberta's - Brooklyn New York-5306.jpg
Roberta's - Brooklyn New York-5314.jpg
Roberta's - Brooklyn New York-5332.jpg

6.Bob and Timmys

32 Spruce Street
Providence, RI 02903
401 453-2221

When I was in Providence finishing  up my Masters degree at RISD we would indulge in the grilled goodness in providence’s little italy, Federal hill. It is delicious! It is very thin and the toppings are fresh and tasty! It is worth a visit if you are in that part of New England.

Bob & Timmy's Pizzeria -  Providence RI-9813

5. Serious Pie

316 Virginia St
Seattle, WA 98121
Neighborhood: Downtown
206 838-7388


This pizza was awesome and like nothing I’ve tried before.

This Pizza from Tom Douglas – who defeated Masaharu Morimoto on Iron Chef and won the 1994 James Beard Award for Best Northwest Chef –  has discovered the perfect formula for the pizza dough.

Serious Pie - Seattle-1259
Serious Pie - Seattle-1254



  1. Have I mentioned that I live for your photos ever since my boyfriend pointed me to your Corton review? We were there for dinner last night (and loved it), but the whole time, I was thinking, “WWSHD?” while composing my shots. That’s “What Would Spanish Hipster Do?”, of course. I want to be your best food photography friend. BFPF, for short.

    • Hahha Thanks donuts4dinner. How was Corton? I did not see any picture in your blog or Flickr account.
      Talking about WWDD ( what would donuts do ) last night we had an amazing foie donut at Do ir Dine. The rest of the food was just meh!, but that donut was incredible!
      BTW I need to adda link to your website somewhere in mine it is great!

  2. Corton was awesome! 5 out of 5 donuts for sure. I’m soooooo uninterested in writing about it, though. I just want to stare at the pictures all day and drool and get nothing done. I also just saw that foie donut, and I crapped my pants.

    I also also just added you to my sidebar blogroll, so now you OWE me. Just kidding. Kind of.

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