As many of you know Masa is one of the most expensive restaurants in the country. It is one of those places that I have been intrigued by but that’s where it ends cause there isn’t a chance in hell that I will shell out whatever absurd amount of money it is to dine there. Thankfully now there is no longer a reason to go to Masa because some of it’s veteran head chefs have opened their own place called Neta in the West Village.

Neta is a Fabulous and most likely one of the better sushi restaurants in the city. The quality is unbelievable and the creativity and craft is out of this world. Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau the ex masa veterans bring the experience and culinary skill and Aaron Polsky is the accomplished mixologist. This team has it goin on.

The night we went we had the pleasure of sitting at the sushi bar, where we were lucky to observe Nick’s skills up front. I highly recommend dining at the sushi bar if you can score the seats, it brings a great deal to the experience. It may also be a great choice for a first date. The activity around you will no doubt give you plenty to talk about. And if for some reason that doesn’t produce some good banter you can always chat it up with Nick and Aaron.

Onto the food…Everything was perfect! Seriously amazing! After the first bite of each dish I would look around to see the same thing every time; each one of us simultaneously smiling while make some sort of ridiculous sound…a sound that can only be produced when one has experienced flavor ecstasy. Yes it was that good.

Even our fellow dinner guests Steve Plotnicki and Toby Knobel, who have have eaten everywhere ( Literally everywhere), were blown away! That kinda says it all, don’t you think.

Neta - New York-5417


Neta - New York-5419


Neta - New York-5423

Neta - New York-5431

SZECHUAN SPICED SALMON I don’t think I have tried a more amazing sushi creation! If you go to Neta you gotta make sure you get this dish!

Neta - New York-5441Our fellow dinner guest: The ever knowledgeable and always entertaining Steve Plotnicki and Toby Knobel.

Neta - New York-5442

Neta - New York-5465

UNI RISOTTO: What amazing richness! I dont think I could have put down more than one bite of this creamy uniliciousness.

Neta - New York-5471

DUCK AND FOIE: Cucumber is used to hold duck in three forms: skin, meat and liver. Need I say more!

Neta - New York-5476NICK ASKED US IF WE LIKE TEQUILA…ARE YOU SERIOUS, OF COURSE WE DO! =) What followed that question was an insane mini cocktail that used some sort of granite as a base. Unbelievable!

Neta - New York-5485

SHISO/ PICKLED PLUM/ CUCUMBER Another handheld masterpiece

Neta - New York-5487GRAPEFRUIT GRANITE What a refreshing and light way to end the night!

Neta - New York-5494

Overview: If you are a sushi fiend and have not been to this 40 seat sushi heaven I suggest you clear a night in your google calendar and make it happen asap. $95 is a lot of money I know but I promise it is worth every penny especially if you consider that you are saving half a grand by not going to Masa. Jose and I will be going back real soon perhaps we will see you at the sushi bar.(that is if we can get a seat)


61 West 8th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 505-2605



    • Thanks! 🙂 yeah I’m having fun with the design. It’s hard to make something look bad with Jose’s pics.

      Wait till you see the next couple posts!
      Let’s get together for dinner soon!

  1. The trifecta: scallop, uni and foi! This looks fantastic, thank you! I will be giving Neta’s tasting menu a try very soon. $95 for this? Totally worth it.

    • Hey krizia, we may have gotten a few extras but yeah it is a fantastic deal and the quality hard to beat!! As i mentioned before try to sit at the sushi bar so you can watch all the action 🙂 Let us know when you go and if you enjoyed it.


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