Ideas in Food Dinner at Aldea – NYC

Jose and I are loyal followers of the “Ideas in food blog” A blog created by Aki and Alex to document their culinary experiments and to help inspire creative thinking in the kitchen. While this blog features many advanced techniques, a great deal of them are easy enough, so much so that even home cooks like ourselves can follow along…A sure way to impress friends at the next potluck.

Aki Kamozowa & Alexander Talbot are on tour. They most recently came to NYC to cook with George Mendes at Aldea. Thankfully Jose, during his morning internet surfing came across a tweet about the dinner. In typical form he was on it, booked…done. We were elated. What would the couple bring to the table…?

Ideas in Food @ Aldea - New York-3946 Chef Marco Canora and food enthusiast Ulterior Epicure were both in attendance.

Ideas in Food @ Aldea - New York-3981

Jose and I Loved all the dishes with perhaps our least favorite being the Pasta. Directly Below are some of our picks for our anatomy of taste section.

Flattened scallop charred potatoes, shishito peppers, lambs quarters

The sauce for this dish was fragrant and packed with flavor. Loved addition of the Shishito pepper and Lambs quarters.

Deep Fried hanger steak smoked watermelon, lovage, yogurt

What an incredible combination! All the components of this dish were unique on their own but when combined, magic happened! We were not alone I am pretty certain that most of the diners were thinking the same thing. Note to self…experiment more with watermelon.

Dessert: Caramel and peach with a small scoop of toasted marshmallow ice cream.

The playfulness of this plate of sugary goodness was wonderful. The dessert was fresh,light and indulgent all at the same time. We especially enjoyed the ice cream.

Frozen green gazpacho Beau soleil oysters, pistachio

Ok Perhaps this one should have gone into our fav bucket above…The frozen powder Gazpacho was such an interesting texture and I especially loved finding the hidden oysters that were mixed in. It almost felt like I was a kid again taking part in a scavenger hunt on the beach. Fun Dish!

Ideas in Food @ Aldea - New York-3948

Fresh corn polenta calamari, lime, cotija cheese
Ideas in Food @ Aldea - New York-3958

Clams Casino seaweed shells, bacon, garlic scapes
Ideas in Food @ Aldea - New York-3963

What a wonderful evening! Perhaps Jose and I should become groupies and follow this rockstar couple around…I doubt we could afford that =). Look forward to the next dinner. Hopefully it will be soon.

Aldea Restaurant Guest Chef Series
Aki Kamozowa & Alexander Talbot of Ideas in Food
31 West 17th Street New York, NY 10011
(212) 675-722

$150.00 for 5 course Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing.

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