Huevos Estrellados con Jamon – Recipe

Huevos estrellados is the signature dish of  “Casa Lucio” one of the oldest and most famous traditional restaurants in Madrid. Huevos estrellados means sunny side up eggs, scrambled over french fries.To this mix you can add either add peppers, sopressata ( sobrasada ) or jamon.

If you come to Madrid for the first time this is a restaurant that you should not miss. Bill Clinton used to have dinner here whenever he was coming to Madrid. Don’t get me wrong this place is not fancy, neither is the most refine one. It is traditional restaurant where you will find the best Jamon, beef steaks to cry for, lamb, roasted pig, fresh fish….

The restaurant is always full of famous people, actors, bankers, bullfighters…And you can see the owner Lucio walking around to make sure this people is having a good time.

Casa Lucio

Calle Cava Baja 35

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

+34 913 65 32 52


As anything is Casa Lucio, the preparation is very simple and at the same extremely delicious


  • 3 grade A big eggs
  • 0,5 lb yukon potatoe
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil and salt


– Step 1: Cut the potatoe in sticks to make the fries. Add salt and fry the potatoes in extra virgen olive oil until potatoes are soft. Use, medium/low heat if not the potatoes will be burnt outside and not cooked inside. When it is soft, heat up the oil and fry them for 2 minutes to make them crispy. Add sea salt to the fries.

– Step 2: In a separate pan fry the eggs sunny side up, over extra virging olive oil at medium heat. Make sure the eggs yolk is still running.

The trick to tell if a fried egg is correclty done, is to check the the borders of the egg and ensure they are crispy ( con puntillas )

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– Step 3: “Brake” the eggs on top of the fries. Add eggs on top of the fries and mix it together. Add Jamon on top of the mix and let the jamon fat melt of top.
January 2011 Happy Time - Madrid-4674.jpg

Simply delicious!



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