Echaurren Croquetas Recipe

Croquetas are back in season! Know as Croquettes outside of Spain and korokke in Japan, they are one of the most popular and traditional food in Spanish cuisine.

The 1 Michelin Star Echaurren restaurant has one of the most famous croquetas in Spain. I always wanted to try their recipe, and finally had a chance to cook it with Elise in the 4th of July break.

This is how the original croquetas from Franci’s mother looks like:

El Portal Echaurren Restaurante - Ezcaray La Rioja Spain -5827.jpg


  • 160 g butter
  • 1/4 Kg de jamón ibérico
  • 1/2 Kg de chicken brest
  • 3 boiled eggs
  • 210 g flour
  • 2 l milk
  • 21 g chicken stock
  • Bread crumbs
  • Salt

Process: ( Sorry for my poor english )

Step 1:

Spanish Croquetas Recipe ( Jamon and chicken )
Cook chicken breast in a separate pan, heat extra virgen olive oil and when hot add sliced onion. Turn to heat to medium low and cook the onion for 15 minutes, until the olive oil is infused with the onion flavor.

Remove onions and cook chicken breast add cherry wine during cooking and reduce for 8 mintes. Add salt and paper. Cut in small peaces the chicken, as in above picture.

Step 2:

Spanish Croquetas Recipe ( Jamon and chicken )

Make the croquetas dough. Melt butter and add the Jamon cut in small peaces ( as in above picture )When the butter is infused with the jamon, add chiquen from step 1.
Add flour, small steps to ensure it is cooked all around.Remove while adding the flour. All this at low heat.
Boil the milk and when hot, add it to the flour mix slowly removing all the time.The bechamel should look like soft and white. This is achieved after 10-15 minutes removing and removing….Add salt and thin sliced boiled eggs and remove for other 3 minutes.Keep the this dough overnight in a cold place. Cover with plastic
Spanish Croquetas Recipe ( Jamon and chicken )

Step 3.

Spanish Croquetas Recipe ( Jamon and chicken )
Fry the croquetas.The next day, when the dough is easy to work with, make little balls with the help of a spoon and hand.
Bath the croquetas in egg yolk and put on bread crumbs.Fry the croqueta for 2 minutes until the inside is hot.

CroquetasAs spanish as it can get.

BTW this is the Japanese version: korokke, one of the best dishes at the Bohemian.
The Bohemian Restaurant -  New York-7203.jpg

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