De Tapas in Spain



The first thing a foreigner will say about spanish food is the word: TAPAS.

And who doesn’t love tapas, super tasty small bites, that some time even come for  free when you order a drink in Spain. Here there are some tapas from recent trips to Spain….

Manchego Cheese Artisan - Quesos Cabrera - Manzanares - Ciudad Real Spain-0724.jpg

San Sebastian

Zeruko // San Sebastian.

Zeruko Tapas - San Sebastian, Spain-4506.jpg

Zeruko Tapas - San Sebastian, Spain-4531.jpg

Zeruko Tapas - San Sebastian, Spain-4522.jpg


Zeruko Tapas - San Sebastian, Spain-4515.jpg


Melos // Madrid

Melo's Bar - Madrid-1130715.jpg




Le Cabrera // Madrid

Le Cabrera Gastroclub - Madrid-3768.jpg

Le Cabrera Gastroclub - Madrid-3786.jpg





san vicente
Gambas from San Vicente de la Varquera.

san vicente
Razor clams

And of course some Spanish tortilla!

gerteria pinxtos

This is why I Spain is different!!

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