Blanca, Roberta’s Tasting Menu – Bushwick

After waiting about a year, we finally received the email worth celebrating over…A reservation for 2 at the Roberta’s Tasting Menu!! We acted quickly and confirmed our spots for that coming friday and the rest of the week tried to anticipate what it might be like.

Friday finally arrived and we made our way to the Roberta’s we know and love. We were quickly ushered out of the festive and funky atmosphere, through the garden and down the stairs to what seemed like a secret underground layer. The space was amazing!!! It felt like I was walking into a laboratory that was secretly located in the middle of the woods. It is the perfect combination of sterile minimalism meets rustic handcrafted. There is a great deal of character and personality thoughtfully sprinkled around the space. The bar chairs, which are reclaimed from an old diner, are not only comfy and beautiful but they also seem to have a story to tell. The experience is a highly interactive one where the guest get to mingle and interact not only with the food but also with the music. Guest have to ability to play DJ with the well curated vinyl collection. (which includes classics like Steely Dan and Rod Stewart just to name a few) The interactive experience goes beyond the kitchen and dining area and into the bathroom where there is a Toto toilet that offers its guest a plethora of cleaning options. This Toilet subtly hints to the Japanese influenced cuisine, something a bit different from the previous tasting menu Carlo was doing a year ago. (a menu that was more Italian and focused on dry aged meats.)

Carlo’s New $180 27 course menu is brilliantly focused on the craft of composing plates out of pure and exquisite ingredients. (many of which are imported from Japan) We have been lucky enough dine at Blanca twice now and each experience was wonderful and memorable. Our second time we had the pleasure of dining with Michael of the Endo Edibles blog. His Blanca post is a fantastic blow by blow of each of the 27 courses. Please check it out. here

This post is a nod to Carlo’s beautifully minimal plates.  Below are some of our favorite dishes of the night dissected.




A few images of Carlo at work.

Blanca (Roberta's tasting menu ) - Brooklyn, NY-3344

Blanca (Roberta's tasting menu ) - Brooklyn, NY-3359
The Turntables and the well curated Vinyl.Blanca (Roberta's tasting menu ) - Brooklyn, NY-3463
Blanca – Roberta’s Tasting Menu
Chef Carlo Mirarchi
261 Moore Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 417-1118

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