I have been watching this place since its early days of construction. I can’t help but get excited when a new restaurant pops up nearby especially one that delivers. This may be a funny post compared to the rest, cause I am only writing in regards to the takeout food, for I have not actually been inside this tiny spot. Regardless, I can honestly say that the food is fantastic and is by far the best takeout/delivery in Williamsburg!! Actually that statement doesn’t do it justice, it is most likely one of our top five favorite spots in williamsburg.

Bistro Petit is not another New American restaurant that specializes in fried chicken, BBQ or comfort food, Thank the lord cause I don’t think I could deal with another one of those in this neighborhood. Instead Bistro Petit it is a unique mixture of Korean and French cuisine. Let me tell you, this hybrid cuisine when combined with BYOB creates a trifecta that is hard to beat.

A little bit about the Chef…Michelin star-awarded chef Sung Park has quite the background: Before starting up Bistro petit he worked for the likes of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Chef Didier Virot and Chef Laurent Tourondel. After gaining the experience he moved to Spitzer’s Corner, where he served as Executive Chef. It is here that he earned his first Michelin star.  Lets get to the food!

Kimchi Bouillabaisse $19.00

A few weeks back we decided to have a little party at our place and instead of cooking we picked up the phone and ordered, what felt like everything, from their menu. The Kimchi Bouillabaisse was incredible! Our Korean friends Tony and Hiye were blown away at the creativeness that Chef Park showed in this simple hybrid french/korean dish. In this bowl is a bountiful amount of seafood: Mussel, Scallop, Pollack, Shrimp. The seafood is then mixed with Fried Tofu, Rice Gnocchi, Konbu, White Wine, Korean Chili Paste, Watercress &  Kimchi. The dish is 19.00 which seems like a lot for delivery but the quality and quantity of fresh seafood makes this dish a steal. I am a huge fan of Bouillabaisse and this has been one of the most memorable ones I have had.

Bistro Petit - Williamsburg, New York-0683

The Kobe Burger $13.00

In addition to the Kimchi Bouillabaisse Jose, of course, ordered the Kobe Burger. This burger was crazy good. We couldn’t believe it but the burger was perfectly cooked (which seems difficult given the delivery time) The beef was incredibly flavorful and the bun was a great size and did not overpower the rest of the Burger. I have to agree with Jose that Bistro Petite’s burger is the absolute best we have tried in the last few years! I say this with great confidence because we experienced the same level of perfection this past thursday. This time Jose splurged a bit and ordered the burger with the addition of Foie Gras. I can’t begin to tell you how effing good this was!! Oh my!! If you are a burger fan you really must go.

Foie Gras Burger $22.00

Bistro Petit - Williamsburg, New York-1334
Bistro Petit - Williamsburg, New York-1343Kobe burger

Bistro Petit - Williamsburg, New York-0683

Foie Gras $17.00
Grilled Duck Foie, Roasted Fall Fruits, Port Wine Reduction & Toasted Brioche Bread.

For this little party Jose also decided to go for the Foie Gras. Everything about it was delicious. (again this is hard to believe given the delivery time) I had to do a double take when I saw the foie on the plate. Jose’s plating was incredible! So incredible that I could have sworn for second that we were eating in the actual restaurant.  (We highly recommend the Foie.)

Apartment party - Bistro Petit - Williamsburg, New York-0752

Brussel Sprouts $9.00
Charred Brussel  Sprout, Pancetta, Cranberry, Herb & Butter.

Apartment party - Bistro Petit - Williamsburg, New York-0726

Fresh Pasta $13.00
Hand Made by Chef, Pancetta, Broccolini, Crushed Tomato,Garlic, Shaved Parmasan Cheese, Olive Oil, Fennel Pepper Sauce.

We really wanted the Risotto but this was the second time that they had run out or the chef recommended against it (due to the delivery). It was not a problem however cause the pasta was a wonderful substitute.Apartment party - Bistro Petit - Williamsburg, New York-0741

French Doughnut $7.00
Made to Order Fresh Doughnut,
Choice of Sugar (Citrus/Mint/Cinnamon)

Ok so we just had to end our little get together with something sweet! Sadly I don’t believe there were enough to go around. The loud sighs of joy made it easy to spot those who were lucky enough to get to the sugary goodness first. These were not just your standard doughnuts, the citrus and mint added a bit of a flavor surprise that I was not expecting. (these are a must)Apartment party - Bistro Petit - Williamsburg, New York-0750

As I mentioned before this place is fantastic! It is really our go to place when we don’t feel like cooking. We are hoping in the coming weeks to actually dine in the restaurant itself. We are particularly curious about Chef Park’s tasting menu. (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  (only 3pm ~ 7pm) 7 course is currently $90 ( includes dessert.) If delivery is this good I can only imagine how fantastic the food must be when served by Chef Park himself.


Bistro Petit

774 Driggs Avenue  a.k.a.  170 S 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Corner of South 3rd Street & Driggs Avenue

Tue ~ Fri  :  3 pm ~12 am
Sat ~ Sun  :  12 pm ~12 am

Tel. 718 – 782 – 2582

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