Betto, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Betto - Williamsburg, New York-6244Probably one of the biggest surprises of the year. Great job from the ‘iNo team. Right now probably the best restaurant in Williamsburg.
All the dishes and cocktails were really strong and different from the typical BK food scene. Service: super attentive Interior: lovely!!. It has been a long time since we have been this excited about a new place. I will have to take my parents here when they visit from Spain. It is very reasonably priced and the dishes are creative while remaining simple and deliciously comfortable.

Betto - Williamsburg, New York-6215

Betto - Williamsburg, New York-6217

Rolled Testa

Pig Head $9.
Probably one of the most interesting dishes we have had in a while: thinly sliced pig head with capers, boiled egg and mustard. A MUST

Betto - Williamsburg, New York-6221

Toast Selections

Wonderful assortment of different tastes. The pesto toast brought back memories of my grandmother homemade and grown pesto. That reminds me we should break out the cuisinart and go into pesto production for the winter.

Betto - Williamsburg, New York-6231

Sepia Crudo

We both love sepia, but we have never tried it crudo style. It exceeded our expectations. The flavors we delicate and combined lovely with the crisp radish.

Betto - Williamsburg, New York-6227

Steak & Salad

$14 We loved the combination of beats, salad and perfectly salted/cooked steak!!

Betto - Williamsburg, New York-6236

Meat Plate

Culatello, Capicola, Rabbit Rillettes.
Simple, delicious and high quality enough to impress a jamon obsessed Spaniard.

Betto - Williamsburg, New York-6233

Blueberry Cobler

Need We say more?

Betto - Williamsburg, New York-6241

138 N 8th St
(between Berry St & Bedford Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Neighborhood: Williamsburg – North Side

(718) 384-1904

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