2012 European Review

2012 was indeed the year of travel! I did my fair share, with trips to Copenhagen, Paris and Spain. The real globe trotter here is Jose. He has covered tremendous amount of ground this year with multiple visits to Belgium, France, London and Spain. Each trip was carefully constructed with each dining destination going through a fair of amount of deliberation. What we enjoyed most about all this travel are the fantastic people we met and dined with along the way! We could not of eaten as well without all their restaurant knowledge. 🙂

Let us know what you think about our 2013 restaurant to do list at the end. Enjoy this year in review!



TOP 10-02




One of the biggest surprises of the year was Belgium, who knew that such a beautiful sleepy little country could be hiding one of this years gems, In de Wulf. If you get a chance to go out there you MUST check it out. I hope Jose takes me soon cause laying out all these gorgeous pictures are making my mouth and eyes water.

In De Wulf – Chef Kobe Desramaults(link to Spanish hipster post)More Pictures
1. L’Air du TempsChef Sang-Hoon More Pictures
2. De VitrineChef Matthias Speybrouck More Pictures


We both ventured out to Copenhagen for a long weekend at the end of Jan, right before we moved into our new apt…talk about stressful. Copenhagen as we knew was a hotbed for dining and thankfully all the places we tried lived up to the hype. Noma was wonderful and inventive, geranium delicious (first place we tried most common uncommon combination of 2012 the white chocolate and cucumber dessert) We absolutely loved radio and manfreds for their quality and value.

1. Noma – Chef René Redzepi (link to Spanish hipster post) More Pictures
2. Geranium – Chef Rasmus Kofoed (link to Spanish hipster post) More Pictures
3. Radio – Chef Claus Meyer (link to Spanish hipster post) More Pictures
4. Manfreds – Chef Christian Puglisi (link to Spanish hipster post) More Pictures


After a incredible trip to belgium and France where Jose met David Toutain and his wife Thai he got the crazy idea that we should head to Paris for a long weekend. We made all the reservations we could and got additional tips from our friends. It was one hell of a trip. The meal at Agape Substance was unforgettable. Another memorable food moment was grabbing fresh bread on our way to the airport. Du Pain Et Des Idees is a must if you are a carb lover!! (Many thanks to Pam for the Recommendation !)

1. L’Agape Substance – Chef David Toutain (link to Spanish hipster post) More Pics
(David has since left the restaurant)
2. L’Arpege – Chef Alain Passard (link to Spanish hipster post) More Pics
3. Du Pain Et Des Idees – Baker Christophe Vasseur More Pics
4. Yam T’cha – Chef Adeline Grattard (link to Spanish hipster post) More Pics


La Grenouillere– Chef Alexandre Gauthier (link to Spanish hipster post) More Pics



Jose was in and out of Spain all year and as a result had the opportunity to check out the ever famous Etxebarri! Yet another one I am super jealous of! Spain has a great deal to offer those looking for a culinary adventure. Diverxo is a wonderful playful restaurant in the heart of Madrid. It is one of the few non traditional restaurants in the city (something that is hard to believe) Well worth the visit!

Feature Asador Etxebarri – Chef Victor Arguinzoniz More Pics

1. Diverxo – Chef David Muñoz (link to Spanish hipster post) More Pics
2. Ricard Camarena – Chef Ricard Camarena More Pics
3. Las Rejas – Manuel e la Osa
4. Rodrigo de la Calle – Chef Rodrigo de la Calle More Pics


London has a lot going on at the moment. I imagine there will be a whole lot more incredible Le Chateaubriand-like places coming in the next year.

1. Bubbledogs & – Chef James Knappett & wife Sandia Chang(link to Spanish hipster post)More Pics

2. Hedone Restaurant – Chef Mikael Jonsson More Pics
3. Upstairs at The Ten Bells – The Young Turks – Isaac McHale More Pics



Maeemo – Oslo,
La Marine-Noirmountier (Alexander Couillon)-France,
New Air Du Temps-Belgium,
Atelier Amaro ( Wojciech Modest Amaro )-Poland,
La Vie (Thomas Buhner)-Germany,
L’Enclumes (Simon Rogan)-UK,
Mina – Spain,
Quique DaCosta-Spain,
wherever David Toutain is cooking next
In De Wulf at least one more time.


  1. Great post, great photos and great meals that you enjoyed last year!!!
    Aren’t you going to go to El Celler de Can Roca this year??? Could be a great deal!!
    If I may, I’d add Martín Berasategui to the list and some of the German’s Top (one of the most interesting cuisines in Europe even though not very well known).


  2. Nice list and we can for sure not disagree! Belgium has a great culinary landscaping.
    Next visit to BE restaurant “Veranda” in Antwerp might be a nice deal. Relae style mixed with some In De Wulf touches by a great chef in a no-nonsense setting.
    Following David Toutain, damm right…keep us posted!

  3. Dear Jose,

    I would like to use one of your beautiful photographs from your dinner at Noma in my Ph.D. thesis and am wondering if this will be possible, and if so, how you would prefer that I cite your work. I would need to know right away, as the manuscript will be filed for publication this week.

    Most sincerely,

  4. Two good choices there for Belgium. Plenty more ideas on my blog if you want them. Off the top of my head I’d recommend Comme Chez Soi in Brussels, ‘T Zilte in Antwerp, and Hertog Jan in Brugge.

  5. You should go to Daniel Berlin in the south of Sweden (about 100 km from Copenhagen). http://www.danielberlin.se/ Daniel Berlin cooks food in the new nordic style in a very intimate restaurant. It is a very unique experience. My review from last year is in Swedish but I will post a new review in English with better photos (new camera) after my next visit in late July. You already know of restaurant Ekstedt, which is also worth a visit.

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