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Jose and I went to WD-50 a few years back. Our experience was good, but it did not match our expectations. We always wanted to give it another shot. A few weeks ago WD-50 started serving a long tasting menu and we were fortunate enough to check it out on the first weekend.

We decided to give the long tasting menu a go and for some reason Jose was insistent on doing the wine pairing as well. aghh This will be the last time we will do that for a while…I prefer not to dine in a boozy cloud. Lets see…

So lets talk interior… There is something nice when a restaurant does not follow the nyc trend of frequent remodels. That being said I believe this place could use a little love. The interior, is without a doubt, caught in the early 90s and not in a good way. This 90’s vibe comes through in the strong unbashful bright color palate, the material combinations and the wide variation of murano hanging lights. The only element of the interior that is worth holding onto are the Prouvé chairs. I strongly believe that a restaurant that prides itself on innovative cuisine should make a point to bring that sensibility into the overall experience. I do not mean that it has to look slick and modern but there should be some visual element that brings the story of the kitchen into the dining space. ok moving on…

WD~50 - New York-2398

Mackerel nigiri, salsify, seaweed, sesame

Wine pairing: “Selection Belles Annees”, Pierre Gimonnet et Fils Brut NV / Champagne, France

The first dish had promise but once delicately cradled in my hands things got messy fast. Fish roe rolled all over the table. I was slightly embarrassed with the mess I left. The chef played with out minds a bit for we thought we were eating a piece of sushi but the flavor of the salsify, the rice replacement,  left us slightly disappointed.

WD~50 - New York-2333

Lobster Roe, charred lemon, green grape, coriander-brown butter

Wine pairing: “Selection Belles Annees”, Pierre Gimonnet et Fils Brut NV / Champagne, France

Good dish, but certainly not the most memorable. I did however enjoy the unexpected combination of the grape and the lobster.

WD~50 - New York-2339

Pho Gras

Riesling “Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese” JJ Prum 2010 / Mosel, Germany

Jose and I both appreciated the playfulness and humor of the “Pho”.   Foie in Pho (strangely hard to say together) was not the best Foie I have ever had but it was concept not to be forgotten.

WD~50 - New York-2342

Amaro Yolk, chicken confit, peas ‘n carrot

Manzanilla “La Cigarrera” / Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain

The chicken was enjoyable indeed. The flavors reminded me a little bit of the chicken dish we had at Radio in Copenhagen. The chicken was soft but the texture was nicely played by adding the crispy carrot. There was a slight bitter after taste that we could have done without, but overall it was good.

WD~50 - New York-2345

Veal brisket, zaatar, plum, mustard

Sake masumi “Arabashiri” / Nagano-Prefecture, Japan

This dish was awesome. The textures were all fantastic together and the use of the mustard was what brought everything together.

WD~50 - New York-2351

Crab toast, saffron, kaffir-yogurt, arare

Sake masumi “Arabashiri” / Nagano-Prefecture, Japan

What stood out the most about this dish, besides the succulent heap of crab, was the sake pairing. I am fascinated how certain wines and libations can enhance a dish, there are few combinations that are as memorable as geranium in CPH pairing of a fresh buttermilk with a sweet 2009 Riesling Auslese Von Der Lay Rita & Rudolf Trossen Mosel. This WD50 pairing was fantastic. The combination of flavors really brought a great deal to this dish.

WD~50 - New York-2355

WD~50 - New York-2358

Sole, black licorice-pil pil, fried green tomato, fennel

Givry 1er Cru “Clos Saint-Pierre” Domaine Thenard 2005 / Burgundy, France

What stood out most about this dish was the use of licorice. At Easter I was the kid stock piling all the black jelly beans that no one wanted so clearly this dish resonated well with me. I’m not sure if Jose had the same feeling though.

WD~50 - New York-2362

Lamb sweet breads, nasturtium-buttermilk, zucchini, pistachio

Givry 1er Cru “Clos Saint-Pierre” Domaine Thenard 2005 / Burgundy, France

WD~50 - New York-2366

Root beer ribs, rye spaetzle, apricot

Nero d’Avola “Siccagno” Sicilia TGT Occhipinti 2008 MAG / Sicily, Italy

This was one of the standout dishes of the night! Everything about it was delicious! We loved the addition of rye and apricot. This was a plate worth waiting for. From here on things were out of this world! Dessert time!!

WD~50 - New York-2371

Jasmine, cucumber, honeydew, chartreuse

Cucumber is popping up in desserts all over the place. I can’t say I don’t love this new trend. It is wonderful! The first time we saw it was at Geranium (cucumber, parsley, cucumber, white chocolate, chervil,) Second time was at Noma (Gammel Dansk
Cucumber, white chocolate, celery) and the third time was at Frej. By the fourth our expectations were high. Wylie’s cucumber Dessert was fantastic!! It did not have the white chocolate or chevre but it was still creamy and out of this world. The one drawback to this new menu system is that I cant walk up to the bar and order this dish. I wish they would make exceptions for this dessert!
WD~50 - New York-2379

Yuzu milk ice, hazelnut, rhubarb, basil

Moscatel dorado “Chipiona” Bodegas Cesar Florido NV / Jerez, Spain
I loved the strange liquid foam texture of this dish but it was not nearly as good as what came next…
WD~50 - New York-2386

S’Mores, bitter cocoa, meringue, black currant

Noval Black Porto NV / Douro, Spain

Oh my! This dessert was unbelievable!!!! What a way to end the night!

WD~50 - New York-2392

White chocolate, gjetost
WD~50 - New York-2396

Overall we had a good experience. There were 4 dishes that we couldn’t stop thinking about and 2 of them were desserts. I believe that the other dishes will get to that level once the team has time to work out the kinks in the new menu. If only they could rework the time capsule that is the dining area.

We are curious what other people think about the new menu. Let us know.

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