Um Segredo- Truffle Dinner

This past Saturday dinner out was unlike any other we have experienced.  Chef Santos not only made truffletastic dishes but he was also able to surround his dining table with some of the most food obsessed people we have met yet!

This ravenous,rowdy, truffle loving crew ate, drank and talked into the wee hours. Dave could hardly get a word in edge wise. These in depth discussions, some heated at times, surrounded the groups exotic food adventures. Some of the top trending restaurants convos of the night were about the following:  Um Segredo (obviously) Eleven Madison Park, Brooklyn Fare, Roberta’s and how to get a spot for the tasting menu (Roz and “M”managed this somehow) Corton, Bouley, Sushi Yasuda, Jung Sik… just to name a few. These people have been everywhere and clearly know their stuff! It was a humbling experience indeed.

So onto the food pics…

Amuse: Uni, grapefruit and truffles

Um Segredo truffles dinner - New York-4639This Amuse was without a doubt a favorite of the table. It was rich yet refreshing and the combination of uni, citrus and truffles worked unbelievably well.


Chestnut Veloute: Crispy sweet breads, Black trumpets puree, Black truffles

Um Segredo truffles dinner - New York-4654I can either love or hate sweetbreads. These were some of the best Ive had. Look at this sauce, very little can taste bad when bobbing around in that!


Red Wine Poached duck Egg
Creamy polenta, Parmesan foam, White truffles

Um Segredo truffles dinner - New York-4668From what everyone was saying at the table, this was the tables favorite dish of the night. One could definitely taste the subtle hints of red wine in the egg, making the flavors subtly complex. The generous amount of shaved truffles the pushed the humble polenta into a much more decadent realm. Incredible!

Striped Bass
Celery root puree, Seared romaine, Black truffle vinaigrette

Um Segredo truffles dinner - New York-4692This dish was good. We particularly liked the combination of textures: the creamy puree and flaky fish combined with the crunch of the greens and pickles.

Roasted Iowa Farms Pork Loin & Belly
Heirloom fingerling’s, Pearl onions, Foie gras emulsion, Shaved white truffles

Um Segredo truffles dinner - New York-4714By the time this dish came out I was almost entirely full. I did however find a way to make some room. Who could resist a perfectly cooked piece of pork Belly combined with Foie and shaved truffles? I didn’t know it was possible to find all my favorite items on one plate.


“Apple Pie”
Cheddar crisps, Spice ice cream

Um Segredo truffles dinner - New York-4742
I have heard of combining cheddar and apple pie but this was the first time I had the opportunity to try it out. It works quite well.

Below are some scenes from the dinner.

What an amazing combination of food and people. This was indeed a night to remember. We will be back!


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    • SO you need to grow up Donut, because the owner of this home is an ex Per Se chef 🙂 Your favorite place!!

  1. Jose, your pictures are amazing! Especially the one of the chestnut veloute – it’s making me wish I could re-live the experience. Just first three courses, even!

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