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Word on the street is Rubirosa makes a bad ass pie, maybe the bast around. Could it be? … better than Forcella, Motorino or Robertas? We at SH did our due diligence and we are here to say that its all true. ( ok maybe we are a bit split on this one…one vote for its the best, and one vote for tied for the best…) Either way you slice it, it is worth the visit to this Nolita Hotspot.

Rubirosa - New York-7098We decided to take a break from our xmas shopping and grab some brunch. It was a toss up between Parm (the new torrisi joint) or Rubirosa. We were a bit turned off by the limited and somewhat heavy menu options at Parm so we ventured down the street to Rubirosa. I think we made the right choice.

The place is homey and well designed and as many fellow bloggers say the place does go on forever, and ever and ever ever. I think if you are like us, and super curious about how one makes a good pizza, you should head towards the very back where all the action happens. The best table in the house not only is insanely close to the warm pizza oven but it also is conveniently located directly underneath a beautifully old skylight. (perfect for food photography)  So onto the food…


Bacon & Egg brunch Pizza

Bacon, Sunny Side up egg, caramelized onion, besciamella, mozzarella, parmigiano

Rubirosa - New York-7102So for brunch Jose ordered a pizza and I tried to be a bit more healthy and ordered the arugula salad with a poach egg on the side.  The pizza was incredible. It had to be one of the thinnest and crispiest crusts Ive ever had hands down. It was light and perfectly cooked so the egg when bitten runs with yolky goodness.

Rubirosa - New York-7104You all might not know this, given all our posts on pizza and hamburgers, but I am a salad fiend. I’m obsessed with arugula, and find it to be one of the most perfect vegetables. My go to quick dinner most nights is arugula topped with lemon juice and an microwaved egg. (Don’t knock the microwaved egg unless you’ve tried it) in 38 sec (depending on the power of your microwave) you have a perfectly cooked runny egg. Its amazing!!! Anyways, so this salad was damn good and as you can see the egg perfectly cooked. (this one most likely not microwaved 😉

Rubirosa - New York-7114

Rubirosa - New York-7116Our brunch at Rubirosa was memorable and the food out of this world. The pizza was so killer that Jose brought his friends back with him the next weekend for brunch. I believe they will be getting a lot more biz from us in the future. Like Forcella, its probably good for us that they don’t deliver/don’t deliver to our neighborhood.

Tonight we are heading back to Um Segredo for the Truffle dinner. Super excited about this. Pics will be coming either tomorrow morning or afternoon, post time all hinging on on how severe our food coma is.

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