Maine – Labor Day

A Photographic timeline of labor day home in Maine.

Maine is a magical place where one is bound to find some much needed balance. Fresh clean breezy air, breathtaking landscapes, lots of nature and outdoor activities and thanks to the ever finicky AT&T…no cell phone reception! What could be better.

Once we arrive home there are a few things that must happen…

The tradition is as follows: Grab a glass of wine, a pack of frozen mackerel, rods and the lobster trap and head down to the dock. The goal here is to relax while simultaneously trying to catch some dinner. FYI Maine Mackerel is not a great fish for eating. We have tried many preparations but the best way to use this fishy fish is as bait for something much more tasty, Lobstas!

As I have mentioned in other posts we L O V E Oysters. We also love the communal activity of hudling around the shucker (typically my bro win or jose) while they prepare these Briney hor dourves. This like many other things is a ritual that we have documented over the years by saving our shells and dumping them into pile off the garden. The piles are getting a wee bit obscene, let me tel ya.

The weather in Maine can change at any time. It isn’t unusual to have a severe storm come and go in a matter of minutes.

Labor day in Maine is beautiful and this long weekend was no exception. Instead of staying home and doing what we always do we decided to show more of our beloved state to our favorite Spaniard, Jose. The plan, which went off without a hitch was to wake up at the crack of dawn, pack some clothes and a breakfast and jump on the boat for a cruise up north to Northeast Harbor. Lucky for us it was a gorgeous day with calm seas. The ride overall was a 3.5 hours scenic trip that took us through the towns of rockport, camden, rockland and the pristine island of vinalhaven.

Northwest harbor is beautiful and small. As you can imagine there is not much to do in the 1.5 blocks that is the town proper. Thankfully there is a free bus, with a front mounted bike rack, that can take you and your bike up to Acadia Park.

Acadia is such a special place that holds many days worth of adventures. The carriage trails, paid for by Rockefeller in 1913 offer a scenic loop around Jordan Pond. If you are feeling adventuresome the precipice path hiking trail up Cadillac mountain is always fun… like I said endless things to do. Sadly this trip for me was a bit more tame due to my bum knee. No way to really work off all those calories for dinner…aghh!

More here on Acadia

After a two nights in northeast harbor it was time to head back south. First thing first, we must grab some sustenance for the trip.

3.5 Hours later we head home to lobster and fish and get ready for the final supper.

The last weekend in Maine is always bittersweet. But why? Just because summer has come to an end it doesn’t mean that Maine has shut its doors to us all. Just the opposite, Fall is one of the more beautiful times to visit. The air is brisk the leaves are bold and picturesque and there are no tourists which means lodging is and cheaper easier to come by.

Guide Chock-full of scenic stops and tasty bites coming soon…



  1. Next time you’re up by MDI come check out the Islesford Dock Restaurant on Little Cranberry Island. We love you blog and it would be a pleasure to have you.

    • Thanks so much Kirby! Next time we are up in Maine is the 4th. We may take the boat up north and if we do we will be sure to check out your place. That area is beautiful and one of my favorites. Just thinking about it makes me miss Maine, especially on this hot day in Brooklyn.

    • Fantastic Elise! You’ll be up here soon enough! If you make it up our way, let me know you’re coming and we’ll set up something nice for you. I highly recommend coming around sunset. The view looking back on MDI is quite remarkable, especially with some drinks and Glidden Point Oysters. I look forward to meeting you and sharing our island.

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