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If you ask any Spaniard about what  they miss the most about Spain, the answer will be 99% of the time the food: jamon, chorizo, Manchego, paella, tortilla, bravas, sepia…. and even better their home cooked mom food! yum!

So whenever I go to Spain the last thing I want to do is to eat Sushi or Peruvian or any other fusion food… that was before I discovered a restaurant called Kabuki and believe I was so wrong and ignorant for not going beyond spanish food in Madrid.

Last time I was in Spain one of my friends scored a reservation in Kabuki, one of the best Sushi places in Madrid. Unfortunately his date did not show up, so as a good friend I had to take him out!

Kabuki is not a traditional Sushi / Japanese restaurants, Ricardo Sanz has created the perfect fusion between Mediterranean and Japanese food. Olive oil, Jamon and sushi tartares! Ricardo started his career with a hamburger restaurant then moved to Tapas, but his career really changed when Masao Kikuchi took his as an apprentice. After months peeling potatoes and washing floors in Japan Ricardo became of the most skilled spanish sushi chefs and now my favorite Sushi place in Madrid: Kabuki. (1 Michelin Star and 2 Repsol Soles )

Kabuki Japanese - Madrid, Spain-4075.jpg

There are actually 2 Kabukis in Madrid and one in Canary Island. My favorite is the original one in Cuatro Caminos, next to Real Madrid Stadium. I like the minimalist japanese decoration, it seems you enter in a lower east side cheap asian place, but don’t get confuse by the traditional decoration, food is not traditional at all.

Here you will find one of the fresher fish, spanish / asian fusion and overall flavors  profiles that I have not seem even in upscale places in New York like SuShi Yasuda or Sushi of Gari. So if you are a sushi lover this should be a destination restaurant to have on your list.

Sushi and Sashimi plate:

Kabuki Japanese - Madrid, Spain-4094.jpg

Kobe beef tartare
Kabuki Japanese - Madrid, Spain-4091.jpg

Butter fish sashimi with truffles and truffle oil.

Kabuki Japanese - Madrid, Spain-4082.jpg

Nigiri: the famous wangyu beef hamburger, with tomato and caramelized onion. One the most interesting nigiri peace I’ve ever tried.Kabuki Japanese - Madrid, Spain-4102.jpg

Nigiri: butter fish with scallion and truffle. Melted in my mouth

Kabuki Japanese - Madrid, Spain-4113.jpg
And to finish nothing better than a chocolate creation from Oriol Balaguer, the famous Seven texture chocolate dessert.

Kabuki Japanese - Madrid, Spain-4147.jpg

Yuzu ice-cream, hard to believe but probably tasted even better than the chocolate dessert. Intense and fresh yuzu flavor.
Kabuki Japanese - Madrid, Spain-4070.jpg

Overall excellent service, warm decoration and top of the line fresh fish, combined with a spanish touch. A restaurant to do not miss if you visit Madrid. Madrid is definitely more than tapas and Jamon!


  • +34 914 17 64 15
  • Avenida del Presidente Carmona 2
  • Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • www.restaurantekabuki.com contact

And the sushi / japanese festival does not end with Kabuki, there are multiple places at almost the same level. Here there are my favorite:


Chef Hiroo Miki runs this classic Sushi joint.

99 Sushi Bar

  • +34 914 31 27 15
  • Calle de Hermosilla 4
  • Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • www.99sushibar.com

More moderd and fancy option. Recently awarded with 1 Repsol SOL.

Shikku Restaurante & Sushi Bar

  • +34 914 31 93 08
  • Calle de Lagasca 5
  • Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • www.shikku.es


  • +34 915 70 07 66
  • Calle del Pensamiento 28
  • Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • www.diverxo.com

Recently awarded with its second Michelin star, other Spanish chef, David Muñoz, that combines spanish and japanese. DiverXo is  making such incredible things that it deserves its own post.

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