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Williamsburg is full of great restaurants, stores, galleries, bars, coffee shops…. I can not describe how inspiring is to walk around in Williamsburg from the Hipster Bedford to the amazing views in Kent.

Unfortunately it seems there are still a lot of Trolls and Haters for Williamsburg. Not sure if this is a general feeling, but I was reading in New York eater the comments about the recent closure of Masten and Lake and omg people are so against Williamsburg.

Masten and Lake - Williamsburg, New York-0411

These are some of the comments, such a group of trolls in eater:

  • @guest #3: williamsburg sucks. I know, i live there.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA. So Williamsburg couldn’t support one of the best places there?
  • i can’t wait to hear the excuses the williamsburg boosters will tell us for why this place closed. combined with the closures of motorino and fatty cue, what’s left?
  • More to come people. I walk around my neighborhood EVERY SINGLE DAY and lots and lots of these places are empty. More closing to come, I already know about a couple others teetering on the verge.
  • Fatty Cue has been “renovating” for 4 months now. The place was only been open a year, do you really think it’s coming back given that there were 5 tables full every night?
    What you don’t realize is that this was bound to happen. The hipsters can’t afford $25 entrees and the new residents are families with kiddies who don’t eat out as much. If you see a mass exodus of these places, expect to see a drop in real estate prices because the hip factor is really the only thing that keeps Williamsburg going. Certainly isn’t the housing stock, schools or community feel. Look, even Metropolitan is getting reprimanded for being too loud. The neighborhood has changed too much.
  • Sorry, but their food, along with Roberta’s, isn’t very good.
  • Masten Lake was pretentious overpriced food. I have lived in this area for 10 years and all I want is some simple no fuss restaurants.
    ISA will close too. Same goes for any new Tapas restaurant.
I did not know people was so opinionated about Williamsburg restaurant scene and such a haters, I would like to know what type of restaurants those commenters like or where do they live. So I can compare… UNBELIEVABLE

Anyway this post is to explain how WRONG those commets are. Masten and Lake was a great place so is Diner, Marlow and Sons, Roberta’s, La Superior, Traif, Fatty Cue, 1 or 8,  St Anselm, Allswell and so is ISA.

ISA recently won one of the best restaurants in 2011. To be honest the first time we went there we were not very impressed. But let me tell you that this place has put their shit together and become one of the best in New York. Now since we moved to Williamsburg it became one of our neighborhood restaurants. Great rustic decoration, atmosphere and minimalist new american cuisine that you will not find in New York ( outside maybe EMP ).  Overall great collaboration between Taavo Somer from Freemans and Ignacio Mattos, the chef from il Buco. They really did a spectacular job renovating this former carriage house. They took great care combining beautiful salvaged wood from god knows where, with the original wood structure. The results are a strange but wonderfully blurry hybrid of old and new.

ISA Brunch - Williamsburg, New York-0469

ISA Brunch - Williamsburg, New York-0442

At night they have in addition to the a la carte, a “tasting menu”, with one of the best steak tartare in NY and great mackerel dish. Recently they opened also for brunch. Their menu now a little bit limited, mainly egg related, but all the dishes are delicious and worth to try over and over. I think one great addition that will attract more people will be having a hamburger, sandwich or steak / eggs type of dish. It’s a cliche, but it is true.

Roast Pork, Egg and Brussel Sprouts

ISA Brunch - Williamsburg, New York-0437Roasted eggs and Mushroom.

Delicious and light dish. The cocktails and wine list really good.

ISA Brunch - Williamsburg, New York-0440

ISA Brunch - Williamsburg, New York-0436

ISA Brunch - Williamsburg, New York-0476


Boudin Noir, egg, chickpeas, cilantro and toast.

Very nice nordic influence dish.

ISA Brunch - Williamsburg, New York-0474

Cinnamon Rolls

The bread and pastry here it is outstanding. ISA Brunch - Williamsburg, New York-0473They also sell bread, such as sourdough or rye bread. We ordered the rye one and arrived warm from the kitchen. The apple smell make this bread like nothing that you have tried before!

ISA Brunch - Williamsburg, New York-0449

348 Wythe Ave
(between 4th St & 3rd St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Neighborhood: Williamsburg – South Side
(347) 689-3594

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