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Identity Crisis Dinner @ Calyer - Brooklyn, New York-3848Chefs Jose Ramirez-Ruiz (of the Tuesday Night pop up dinner, Chez Jose) and Gabriel Moya (Calyer Brooklyn ) share many similarities, both are talented chefs born in Puerto Rico, both have been a part of some of nyc’s best kitchens. (Jose: Per se, Isa, Gabriel: The Modern) and both just so happen to be cooking food that bares little to no resemblance to food they grew up with.  What would it be like if they were to professionally cook with flavors and inspiration from their homeland…?  I’ll tell you what happens, a spike in puerto rican tourism! What an amazing 11 course meal!

From what I hear they are doing it again the last week of august. This last dinner will also be a going away party of sorts for Gabriel, who has decided to pack up and move to Chicago. This is sad news for we love Calyer. =(

Onto the uber tasty food, but first a quote that this latin duo used to frame the dinner. “Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are.”


01.Chicharron delicious as always!! 02. Fried plantain flavored with red-pepper aioli Great crunch spicy salty combination. 03.Salt-cod fritter with a salt-cod whipped topping This dish was incredible. Salty and creamy! 04.Root vegetable salad – yuca, taro, and a panoply of other tubers and roots draped with purslane.


Scallop Ceviche

Oh my!!! Que Ricisimo!! Never before have I had a ceviche mix together corn nuts and sweet potato puree. What a phenomenal dish! Hands down one of my favorite ceviches Ive tried. They better keep this on the Calyer menu after Gabriel’s departure or, as our friends Roz says, “There will be a revolution!”


A fantastic bite full of crunch and salty flavors of the sea!

Rice pudding

Pam Yung never ceases to amaze me! Every dessert she concocts and artfully lays out challenges even the most experienced gastronome. (I mean this in a best way possible) She pushes her diners with unexpected reinterpretations of some of the most typical desserts, like Rice Pudding. I think she needs her own Dessert shop asap!!

Overall: Phenomenal food experimentation giving you yet another reason to go to brooklyn. If looking at the pictures of this dinner is making you salivate, like it is me, sign up for the the next, and potentially last, identity dinner. Email Jose at chezjosebk(at)


Identity Crisis Dinner @ Calyer

Cuisine:  Caribbean, Spanish/Tapas                                                                                92 Calyer Street Brooklyn, NY 11222                                                                               347.889.6323                                                                                                                        Link

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