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Written during the Sandy Storm:
What a crazy week it has been! It feels like forever since Sandy came barreling in on NYC/NJ and the rest of the east coast. One would think that with a week working at home a great amount of work would get done and one’s house would be as clean as it could be. Sadly most of that is not true. Instead the past two weeks have been one big long distraction one that distracts me from recalling what day it is. At any rate there are many that are is still suffering from Sandy’s wrath. One such place is The Governor,a wonderful restaurant situated along the dumbo waterfront. Given this it seems like a good opportunity to post about a wonderful night we had there a few weeks ago.

When we heard that Brad McDonald, Sean Brock and Daniel Klein were going to host a Japanese themed dinner to celebrate the launch of The Perennial Plate’s Season Three; ‘Real Food World Tour’. We knew that this event would sell out in no time so we grabbed up the reservations immediately. Jose and I have not yet had the chance to make it to Husk so this was a perfect opportunity to give Sean’s food a try and not to mention see what Klein is all about, it seems he has quite the pedigree so we were curious to say the least.

When we arrived, the place was a buzz of activity. Once we were seated it took a little while to wrangle down a waiter, which wasn’t surprising seeing how many people there were. Our seat had a great view of the kitchen and what seemed to be the mascot, a pig head with a samurai like headband. The Samurai pig and his Romneyesque smile kept a watch on us throughout the night, a bit creepy…



Once the dishes started coming out we were beyond elated, the food looked and tasted delicious. Every one of the dishes were fantastic with the standouts hard to determine. Toward the end of the meal The entire kitchen staff came back into the dining room to preview the newest season of Perennial Plate, which takes place in Japan. The video work was lively and fun and made me feel as though l was looking through the lens of a crazed foodie tourist on crack. The cuts between scenes were crisp and rhythmic and brought the viewer into the Tokyo mentality pretty quickly. Not only was the video fun to watch but also quite educational. Looking forward to checking out more on Klein’s projects.

From Japan with Love (and Dashi) from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.


Overall the night was a fun experience. I mean how could it be anything but good with all that talent in the kitchen? Check out Jose’s always amazing pics below.

We highly recommend The Governor! Not only is it wonderfully designed but McDonald turns out some pretty inventive plates. Sadly the Governor is currently closed due to Sandy. McDonald told eater that the dining room took on about five feet of water! That’s just crazy! If you are a fan of Brad McDonald‘s restaurant there is a way to help out. You can make a donation here. Jose and I have high hopes that we will be dining there in the near future…Here’s to a speedy recovery.

The Governor
15 Main St
(between Water St & Plymouth St)
New York, NY 11201

For more on the perennial table check out the link here

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