Forcella – East Village, New York

I still remember the days that used to get Pizza at the typical New York style Pizza places like Ray’s Pizza. Coming from Europe,  it was funny seeing a slice that was a measly 3 dollars with a size bigger than a whole Pie used to be, back at home. Those slices tasted like heaven, especially at 4 AM after a long night of drinks and nonsense.

And probably this is still how visitors from outside New York understand Pizza in the City.  But there is something else out there, it can not be called New York style Pizza, but it is still Pizza and believe me it is way better than that, it is Neapolitan Pizza!

East Village / Bowery area has recently become a culinary destination for this type of delicious pies. Places like Motorino Pizza, Forcella and Luzzo’s represent some of the best pizza places in the city. (Some people also like Pulino’s also, but to be honest it is not quite in the same league, compared to the other three. That being said Pulino’s is not a bad restaurant, specially outside the Pizza menu, definitely worth checking out)

We are pizza obsessed and have previously written a lot about the nyc/brooklyn pizza scene but it is clear to us that Forcella really deserves its own moment in the spotlight, hence an additional post. This new place in the Bowery surprisingly gives Motorino (our fav spot) a run for its money I might even go as far as saying that Forcella is so far the best Neapolitan Pizza in NY. wow

Forcella’s pizzaiolo is Giulio Adriani. Giulio used to work at Olio Pizza e Piu, in the West Village, where he became famous in the City.

Forcella - East Village, New York-3030

He learned the art of making traditional Neapolitan pizza from two of the greatest pizza masters in Italy, Gaetano Fazio and Antonio Starita. He is double certified as an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Maker by the association Verace Pizza Napoletana and the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani ( the “pizza police”, that certify pizzerias as being authentically Neapolitan). So long story short, Giulio is like the Daniel Boulud of Pizza. If you want to know more about him, check here this interview with Giulio

Forcella - East Village, New York-3064We have been to Forcella brooklyn and love its casual lack of atmosphere. I was expecting a similar atmosphere for the Bowery location, but boy was I wrong.The interior is still laid back but in a much different way. It is clear that they put a bit more money and thought into this place. It was well worth it for now it is more of a destination and not just a go to place for delivery.

Forcella - East Village, New York-3025
On the menu you can find nice authentic Italian ingredients: Parma Ham, San Marzano tomatoes, House made mozzarella and the magic box to make them come to life is a custom 1,000-degree wood-burning oven. (I wonder how much those big guys cost, I’m pretty sure my next place needs to have one)

And what can be better than a delicious Neapolitan wood oven Pizza…. A Fried Neapolitan Pizza! Yes it really is as good as it sounds!! The Montanara is first  deep-fried Pizza and then baked in a 1,000-degree oven. Totally out of this world. Please order this! You wont regret it!

Ok so onto the food pics!

Parma, and Mozzarella

I couldn’t help but order the fresh Mozzarella. Doesn’t it almost look like a dessert? It could have been the mozz was wonderfully creamy, and the parma was rich and moist.
Forcella - East Village, New York-3031


Port’ Alba Pizze Rosse – Tomato base Pizza
Margherita, anchovies

Forcella - East Village, New York-3043

Porta Capuana, Pizze Bianche
Home made mozzarella, parma, arugula, pecorino.

I always like to order  a Pizza with Parma “Jamon”. Overall very tasty dough, my only complaint  how can I complain about this but …, just a side note ) was that the Parma was added at the end, with not enough time to have the fatty smoky flavor melt and blend with the dough and the rest of the ingredients.

Forcella - East Village, New York-3038

Ripieno Classico, Pizza Fritte // Fried Pizza
Tomato, smoked mozzarella, ricotta, sopressata.

Fried Pizza, I am at a loss for words… puffy dough with a smoked pizza finish :),,, As I mentioned above…this is a must try dish!
Forcella - East Village, New York-3050

And then there was dessert…

Millefoglie (the secret of the chef) – Milhojas

WOW!! This dish was very light and rich at the same time. The Nutella chocolate flavor was excellent!

Forcella - East Village, New York-3059

My first visit on Forcella in Williamsburg I was not the most memorable one, but this experience at the new Bowery location really changed my opinion.  If only I lived within their delivery boundaries…                              

You better get to Forcella before the Grimaldi-like lines start to wrap around the block.


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  1. When the picture of the pizza with the jamon loaded at the top, it about took my breath away. DAMMIT, Spanish Hipster, you continue to impress. I’ve been wanting to go here, anyway; I won’t be able to resist much longer thanks to this.

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