Diverxo – Madrid, Spain

As you know The Spanishhipster blog is a joint venture. Elise typically writes and fabulously designs the posts and modifies my pictures. I on the other hand take the pictures and eat. She has been very good at writing about our unnecessary food adventures in New York, but when it comes to Spain and other places that Elise cannot go ,due to work reasons, then I take over the role as writer. I have been doing a great deal of traveling lately, most of it work related but I do find ways to fit some “me time” into those trips and head home to Spain to see my family, party, catch up with good friends and eat the best my country has to offer. (I feel bad elise can’t make it so I typically bring her some jamon y queso as an editable souvenir of sorts.)

The main and more important reason for my trip to Spain is to visit my parents. Living in New York, I don’t have a chance to visit them as much as I would like, so when get together I have this need to make it extra memorable! Last year they came to NY and we celebrated at EMP and The Modern amongst some other nyc favs. So this trip to Madrid I put it on myself to pick another extraordinary dining experience. Nothing but the best for my parents. (smiley face)
After a great deal of research I decided to try out Diverxo in Madrid.
David Muñoz is one of the young talented successors of Ferran Adria, he recently got his second Michelin star, and is now part the same club as other famous chefs like Anduriz, Quique Dacosta, Eneko and Dani Garcia.
David doesn’t follow this extremely local product oriented trend as Rene’s Noma, Kobe Desramaults In The Wulf or Chefproprietor Alexandre Gauthier from Le Grenouillere, David on the other hand combines ingredients from all over the world and cooks them mainly using Asian techniques and to be honest IT WORKS!

A few dishes at Diverxo brought out in me a level of surprise and excitiement, in some ways comparable to our first visit at Noma. If David has something in common with the other top restaurants in the North of Europe it is the demystification of the fine dinning experience, no white glove service, gold silverware, obligatory fake greeting and unnecessary pretense, just pure “buen rollo” and fusion.

While all the dishes were creative and well crafted I have to say the desserts didn’t transport me to the land of awe. That being said I truly enjoyed every morsel that was laid before me, finely plated like a piece of art.

DiverXo - Madrid-4173

Edamame con salsa de ají amarillo DiverXo - Madrid-4083

Bull tail bitter soup, smoked eel, tomato heart, sea noodles

DiverXo - Madrid-4086

Bull tail crunchy sandwich with baby eels

DiverXo - Madrid-4088

Dim sum – chicken noodles, and carabinero shrimp

DiverXo - Madrid-4090

Dim sum – trumpet mushroom stuffed bun with cecina beef and kumato tomato DiverXo - Madrid-4098

Pork skin with black sesame brioche, salmon roe and cherry sauce

DiverXo - Madrid-4101

Aranjuez strawberry with kimchi, yogurt and baby squid

DiverXo - Madrid-4104

Tuna belly – Warm wine shoot charcoal-grilled Tuna belly, fried egg brick, black garlic alioli and tomato

DiverXo - Madrid-4111

Monkfish – flash glazed monkfish in Wok with violate potato and White asparagus

DiverXo - Madrid-4119

Sole – Deep fried flour-less sole with duck egg, with bacon ice cream and palo cortado noodles

DiverXo - Madrid-4135

Beef – Beef with herring and tomato, peanut butter, yuzu, lime and cidra.

DiverXo - Madrid-4140

Black cod – Black cod with game sauce

DiverXo - Madrid-4148

Dessert 1: wasabi ice cream, carrot and pickles

DiverXo - Madrid-4159

Dessert 2: wasabi ice cream, yuzu and chocolate

DiverXo - Madrid-4164
Overall one of the MUST go restaurants in Madrid and a destination for the foodies looking for new experience.
Other amazing review by @jesusfdezprieto check out his wine pairing with a similar menu: http://nosoyotrogourmet.tumblr.com/post/29954352432/diverxo-una-experiencia-unica
David Muñoz
Calle del Pensamiento, 28
28020 Madrid
915 70 07 66


  1. Thank you very much for the mention, Jose!!! I was reading the post, and when I was ending… oh surprise!! Jajajaja. Great review and absolutely amazing photos!!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed this gorgeous experience!!

  2. Thanks for the review. My girlfriend and I are going to Madrid next month. We decided on Diverxo and Ramon Frexcia for the high-end dining. What would be your two picks? Also, can we take photos at Diverxo? Their website say otherwise.

    • Hi Waleed, those two places are really good for high end.
      Other hot restaurants, that I would recommend over Freixa are Club Allard and Nikkei 255 ( one of the best restaurants in Nikkei type of food = Peruvian mixed with Japaneses )
      I believe no in Diverxo you can take pictures, the chef is more relaxed about that now.

      Let me know if you need further info, thanks for checking the blog!!

  3. I’ve been dreaming of eating there since moving to Madrid– soon! Your photos and narrative have both tortured me and made me really excited to go soon. Not to mention, I recommend this place to my clients without having been myself, so it’s always reassuring to hear about fantastic experiences. Saludos!

    • Thanks lauren! 🙂 it is a great place and it seems like your clients are in good hands. Let us know when you do go!

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