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So Corton….. where to start? As Spanish person I’ve never been a big fan of the French cuisine. I used to believe French cuisine died in 1997, when an article by Adam Gopnik was published in the New Yorker entitled, ‘Is there a crisis in French Cooking?.

Also Michael Steinberger’s Au Revoir To All That: Food, Wine, and the End of France (Bloomsbury / July 5, 2009 / $25 / hardcover) explained very clear how France went from being the absolute authority in the culinary world to becoming the second largest outlet for McDonald’s ( and they are normally pretty FULL )

And not to mention that now Tokyo beats Paris for the number of starred restaurants in their respective Michelin Guides.

But, not sure if chef Paul Liebrandt influence at El Bulli in Spain or the demanding New York restaruant market, he has turned Corton and his cuisine in one of the references in New York and probably the World.

Liebrandt tasting menu at Corton is like nothing I’ve seen before, an explosion of flavor and surprises. Each bite is a different adventure like the one Ego had at the end of Ratatouille. Very well deserved 2 Michelin stars and 3 at the New York time.

This great experience is very hard to describe so I will try to take you there with the pictures of the early summer 2011 menu. All about foie!

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0314.jpg

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0317.jpg

Ors d’ouevres

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0318.jpg

The egg.

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0326.jpg

Tuna tartare with lime and crunch.


Tasting Menu:

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0336.jpgFoie two ways. ( below that green gel, there is amazing foie )

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0346.jpgFoie second way.

Foie Gras
Beet Borscht Gelée, Cherry, Black Olive

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0349.jpg

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0352.jpg

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0361.jpg
 With razor foam on the side.
 Corton - Tribeca, New York-0362.jpg
 Peekytoe Crab
 Razor Clam, Combava, Corn Velouté
Corton - Tribeca, New York-0373.jpg
 Striped Bass
 Avocado | Sorrel Purée, Purple Artichoke, Vanilla
Corton - Tribeca, New York-0389.jpg
 Guinea Hen
 Ruby Red Shrimp, Spring Garlic | Tarragon, Hyssop

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0393.jpg

Wagyu Flatiron Beef
 Peanut, Tamarind, Asparagus


Corton - Tribeca, New York-0410.jpg

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0419.jpg

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0430.jpg
 Smoked Caramel
 Popcorn, Brown Butter Crumble, Blackberry

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0443.jpg
We took this home, because we could not eat anymore!!

Corton - Tribeca, New York-0421.jpg

It will not a surprise to see a 3 michelin star at Corton and even the 4th star at the New York times. Probably they might need to work a little bit on the restaurant space and service. GO and make reservations before it becomes impossible.

Along with 11MP my favorite restaurant in New York and not at the Per Se / Daniel prices!!


  1. Love your photos! My boyfriend and I were considering Corton for our anniversary next month, and your pictures are pretty convincing. (Plus, we really, really like being plowed with desserts; your having to take some home got my attention.) Can you tell me what kind of camera/lens you’re using?

    • Thanks donuts!
      This place is amazing, food and service are great. Probably the food is one of the most impressive one in NY and at reasonable price for fine dinning.
      I use a 15-55 F2.8 canon lens. The lens is huge ( the waiter was asking hehehe ) but pictures came out sooooo good!!

      Thanks for checking the blog, let me know how you like Corton

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