Cenador de Amos – Villaverde de pontones, Spain

On one of our many culinary road trips through Spain we decided to stop at the Cenedor de amos, a culinary school and restaurant. It was in a sleepy small Spanish town, like many of the Barios in Spain. We stopped for lunch before driving to the next stop Santander. It was a beautiful building with large hydrangea plants that marked the entrance. The interior was elegantly country like. We were lucky enough to be sat under a skylight, an ideal environment for food picture-taking. (this was before Jose took over the role as food photographer haha) Anyways the food was spectacular! It was one of the more incredible meals of the trip.  Below are some of the courses, starting with dessert first…

Nube de chocolate con sorbet de cacao

Chocolate cloud with cacoa sorbet.

Cenador de Amos- postre 2

Arroz con rellenas y “mojo” verde

Rice with squid

Cenador de Amos-plato 4

Cenador de Amos-15

Helado de queso de cabra en aceite y aromaticos

Cheese Ice cream in an olive oil and aromatic sauce.Cenador de Amos- postre 1

Lomo de vaca pinta, costra de maiz y reduccion de cebollitas

corn crusted beef sirlon with and onion reduction

Cenador de Amos- plato 6Rodaballo con sopa de ceballo y patatas

Turbot fish with onion and potato soup.

I fell in love with Turbot after this meal!

Cenador de Amos- plato 5carabinero ensalda

prawn tail salad

Cenador de Amos-plato 3


Cenador de Amos-17We left this AMAZING meal full and sleepy but refueled for the next stop.

Cenador de Amos-24

Cenador de Amos-26

Cenador de Amos Website

Plaza del Sol, s/n
39793 Villaverde de Pontones
T + F 942 50 82 43
Móv. 605 887 955

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