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Calyer - Greenpoint, New York-3569We first visited Calyer after hearing about it at one of the Chez Jose dinners a few months ago. It was a no brainer we gots to go and check it out.

Calyer has a romantic vibe to it. It’s has a rustic and warm interior that feels weathered in the best possible way. The Staff is also warm and friendly not to mention incredibly knowledgeable about the wine and cuisine. We made great use of their knowledge when picking out our courses. (in fact our waiter pretty much ordered for us)

The menu is inspired by Chef Gabriel Moya’s Puerto Rican Roots. These latin flavors were tweaked an modified in part due to Moya’s rich culinary background working at places like Clio (Boston), Falai and The Modern (NYC). Gabriel’s food is gorgeous to the eye and for the palate, packed full of wonderful flavor.

We started with 01.Duck Confit Terrine with quail egg, yellow plantain & dandelion greens. It was the best choice for us cause we love duck and runny egg yolks so this gave us a little bit of everything. Jose decided to pair this with The Field and Forrest 02. One of their many well crafted cocktails made with St george terroir gin mixed with lillet blanc, thyme honey and meyer lemon bitters. Delicious. 03. There was no way we were going to walk out of this establishment without indulging in a little pork belly! This plate looked gorgeous! The pigeon peas, spring garlic and crispy plantains brought a nice new twist one what we have come to expect from Pork Belly. 04. Next came the poached egg dish which felt healthy given its compliments of ramps,quinoa and asparagus puree. Loved everything about this dish!! Perhaps a good one if you are in the mood for something on the lighter side. What came out next was too good for words and can be found in our Anatomy of taste breakdown below. WOW! 05. The fish dish was another visual knockout! We loved seeing the Onions used as little sauce bowls, a style also seen at the Chez Jose Dinners. While this dish was beautiful it was not our favorite of the night.

Homemade Arepas

I am far from being a arepas expert but I have to say this was !@$#!!!ING GOOD!!! Wow!! This was by far one of the most memorable savory dishes of the night!! If you are smart you should plan to order 5 of these bad boys! Out of this world Delicious!!

Dessert: S’more

This was another mind bending dish! The flavors, while being unexpected, worked together in perfect harmony! We have tried many marshmallows recently and this was by far one of our favs!


This is a must visit in the Greenpoint area! If you are looking for top notch creative cuisine and cocktails and don’t want to spend a lot of money this is the place. Chef Gabriel Moya knows what he is doing and you can be assured to walk away happy. This may be a restaurant that Jose and I can call our local place. (one we plan to visit over an over again)



Cuisine:  Caribbean, Spanish/Tapas                                                                                92 Calyer Street Brooklyn, NY 11222                                                                               347.889.6323                                                                                                                        Link

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  1. i am venezuelan where the Arepa comes from !!!!
    and i have to say that this one looks really really good!
    thanks for sharing

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