2014 Review

It is that time of the year where everyone with a food obsession reflects on all of the delicious meals they had in the past 12 Months and regurgitates these findings back in the form of a “best of” List. This is, without a doubt, the toughest post to create especially with so much time elapsed between one unforgettable food adventure to another.  It may have taken a great deal of debating between Jose and I, but I’m confident that this list best reflects our favorite food experiences of the year.

Like years in the past we have broken this Year’s roundup into a few sections.

1. Our favorite 20 bites of the year: These are standout dishes that lingered in out mind with permanence, be it a incredible airy piece of bread or a decadent dish of Liebre a la Royale. Each one of the 20 joyfully brought together our brain and stomach into one bite.

2. Our top 5 Favorite Destination Dining Experiences: As many of you know we are endlessly searching for the total dining experience one that holds together from start to finish. These are special places where the diners are surrounded by the true essence of a cuisine which is effortlessly carried through to the design of the space, the tableware and to the environment in which the restaurant sits. Trust me…All 5 are worth the trip!

3. Our Top go-to places: If we were addicts (which I guess in some ways we are 🙂 these 7 places would be our drugs. All seven of these spots have a special place in our heart, without them we would no doubt be lost. What is it about them you ask? They all have soul and a strong sense of self, they are all easy/casual and they all serve up damn good food!

Top 20 Favorite bites


Extebarri Website      Extebarri Flickr set2014-best-bites_0002_sacha

Sacha Flickr Set


Ca L’Enric Website   Post to come soon2014-best-bites_0004_atera

Atera Website    Atera Flickr Set 


Riverstead Website   Riverstead Flickr Set     Riverstead Post


Semilla Website    Semilla Flickr Set


Contra Website    Contra Flickr Sets2014-best-bites_0005_relae

Relae Website     Relae Flickr Set


Disfrutar Website    Disfrutar Flickr Set

2014 best bites blanca

Blanca Website     Blanca Flickr Set2014-best-bites_0006_daniel-berlin

Daniel Berlin Website     Daniel Berlin Flickr Set2014-best-bites_0007_kadeau

Kadeau Website     Kadeau Flickr Set   Kadeau Post2014-best-bites_0011_take-root

Take Root Website     Take Root Flickr Set


Den Website      Den Flickr Set     Den Post2014-best-bites_0012_willows-inn

Willows Inn Website     Willows Inn Flickr Set

2014-best-bites_els casals

Els Casals Website     Els Casals Flickr Set and post coming soon


Hugo’s Website      Hugo’s Flickr Set

2014 best dishes_diverxo

Diverxo Website      Diverxo Flickr Set    Diverxo Flickr Set at Atera NYC    Old post2014-best-bites_0015_azurmendi

Azurmendi Website    Azurmendi Flick Set     Azurmendi Post


Castagna Website      Castagna Flickr Set

top 5 destination dining experiences

2014 best expereinces riverstead

Riverstead Website   Riverstead Flickr Set   Riverstead Post


2014 calenric

Ca L’Enric Website  Post coming soon


2014 best expereinces daniel berlin

Daniel Berlin Website     Daniel Berlin Flickr Set   Daniel Berlin Post2014 best expereinces kadeau

Kadeau Website     Kadeau Flickr Set    Kadeau Post


2014 best expereinces willows inn

Willows Inn Website     Willows Inn Flickr Set      Salmon Reef Net Fishing Flickr Set


2014 goto contra

Contra Website    Contra Flickr Sets     Contra Post2014 goto eventide

Eventide Website

2014 goto atera

Atera Website    Atera Flickr Set    Atera Post2014 goto robertas

Roberta’s Website      Roberta’s Flickr Set2014 goto sacha

Sacha Flickr Set  Post to come2014 goto semilla

Semilla Website    Semilla Flickr Set

2014 goto estela

Estella Website    



Things we are looking forward to in 2015

1. The expansion of Contra

2. Our trip to Tokyo to check out Noma, Matsukawa and of course Den!

3. A new Spanish Hipster Website design (coming in the next few months)

4. Meeting more incredible food friends!










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