1 or 8 Sushi – Williamsburg, New York

The Sushi options are very limited in Williamsburg, but who cares about that when there is a Japanese restaurant like 1 or 8. Let me tell you this is probably one of my most memorable Asian meals in the last months. This is not just a sushi/sashimi place, here you can find all kind small delicious Japanese dishes: Pork belly, tuna tataki, oyster, rolls, bonito, uni, ceviche, croquetas, duck, …. all good stuff!!!

When all that amazing food is combined with excellent service and white minimalist decoration, this is the perfect restaurant in the coolest neighborhood in NY: Williamsburg.

This place is worth a train ride, even if you are staying in Manhattan, since it is very hard to find this quality even there. It is even big enough to host a 8-10 party.

By the way this was my first time using the new Fujifilm X100, and the pictures came out quite good! This is what we ordered:

Oysters special of the day. Unfortunately I did not take the take the oyster type, but anyway they were super fresh and perfectly opened!

1 or 8 Sushi


Uni! We can not go to a restaurant and do not order Uni. This special of the night was very impressive too, and tasted like sucking the seas ( if that can be called a taste… )1 or 8 Sushi



Bonito tataki, other classic! Whenever I see this type of tuna bonito on the menu, I can not resist to order. Super fresh and perfectly balanced with the savory “ceviche style” garnish.1 or 8 Sushi

1 or 8 Sushi



Mushroom and tuna special roll. 1 or 8 Sushi

Buta no kakuni: Japanese Braised Pork Belly. Simple delicious. Daikon really worked very well with this dish, it absorbed all the sauce used in the kakuni process. The healthiest bite of the dish1 or 8 Sushi



Chocolate souffle, who said Japaneses does not know how to make shweet desserts? 🙂 1 or 8 Sushi

1 or 8 Sushi


1 or 8

66 S 2nd St
(between Kent Ave & Wythe Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Neighborhood: Williamsburg – South Side

(718) 384-2152


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